May in Motion

Photo Contest Winners

We’re excited to see so many people considering alternative transportation in our great city. Thank you to everyone who participated. Congratulations to our winners!

Woman on bicycle

First Place - Kelly

"I love to ride my bike mostly because it's great exercise, always great parking and I save a ton of money on gas/car expenses!"

Woman on bicycle

Second Place - Jordyn

"Biking helps me feel connected and empowered. When I commute on my bike I see friends and colleagues walking around my neighborhood and downtown, and we can stop, have a conversation, and catch up. I feel connected to my community because I intimately see and experience it every day instead of passively moving through it in a contained car. I watch the trees change with the seasons and smell the blossoms in the spring and feel the crunch of leaves in the fall. I notice new businesses and restaurants opening, new public art being installed, and just feel more in-tuned to what's happening in my community than I do when I drive. Commuting by bike offers me an enjoyable, less stressful way to start my day, and a nice opportunity to decompress on the way home. It feels empowering to use two legs and two wheels to efficiently travel throughout the city. It's also confidence boosting knowing that I can fix small issues on my bike, perform regular maintenance myself, and that if things do get tricky, there's a great network of bike organizations and folks who will help me and show me what to do in the future. I didn't grow up riding bikes often, but living in this city and seeing all the commuters, how could you not feel inspired to pull out that dusty bike and really put it to work."

Man on bicycle

Third Place - Aaron

"One year my truck died. Then, the borrowed in-laws car died. Then it was a bike for the next year! Here is a poem to commemorate my year of commuting: Dead car? Limited options! Gotta’ get there; 2-wheel adoption! Freezing cold at 11 degrees. Sweaty and hot at 103! Windy, stoplights and sometimes loud; goat heads, rain and cars that crowd. Through it all: spring, winter, summer, and fall; There’s nothing like the the feeling of commuting 2-wheeling"

Honorable Mentions

Bicycle on bridge


"I alternatively commute to supplement my active lifestyle, be green, and save a little dough along the way!"

Kid in bike bucket


"It beats sitting in a car! Family, Fun and Health"

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About May in Motion

May in Motion is a month-long initiative aimed at encouraging the use of alternative modes of transportation across the Treasure Valley. Whether you bike, walk, bus or carpool, the goal is to learn about other ways to get around and then integrate one or more into a daily commute. May in Motion also aligns with the City of Boise’s long-term goals in Keep Boise Moving and the vision of becoming the most livable city in the country.

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