Sustainable Strides

Connectivity and Strategically Planned Developments

Geographical and historical forces continue to shape the neighborhoods, streets and sidewalks that comprise Boise. With the Foothills to the north, the expanse of the Bench to the south and the illustrious Boise River in between, the city’s rural character has slowly and gradually expanded to encompass a thriving urban core. Yet, with this growth, much of the city’s transportation network has lagged. Where roadways, sidewalks and dirt trails historically served smaller local neighborhoods, the shifting concentration of workplaces within downtown and at activity centers throughout the city and region has led to increased roadway expansion, as well as people living further from the places they work. As a result, both transportation and housing have become bigger expenses individuals must account for as they get around and live in our city.

1) Ambassadors at the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Family Foundation Whitewater Park

To address the rising costs associated with transportation and housing, as well as create and sustain a responsible built environment, the city established two strategic initiatives: Keep Boise Moving and Grow Our Housing.

By stimulating activity centers around the city through improved transit service, enhanced sidewalks and safer bike lanes, our city becomes more connected. A more connected community not only produces better neighborhoods, it also reduces transportation costs, improves air quality and public health, and promotes a diversity of housing choices.

Challenges and Opportunities

As the city works to improve connectivity and strategically planned developments, many developers, architects and community members are also helping shape a more connected and responsible built environment through sustainable design. The Fowler, Boise’s LIV District, Esther Simplot Park and the first indieDwell modular home are a few examples of forward-thinking, sustainable design that Ambassadors looked at on this tour.

Group in a classroom
Tom Laws, Associate Comprehensive Planner, discusses Keep Boise Moving, the city’s transportation strategy.
Group on bikes
Tom Laws leads Ambassadors on a bike tour of Julia Davis park.
Group on a sidewalk
Daren Fluke, Deputy Comprehensive Planning Director, explains the goals of sustainable housing design at the first indieDwell house in Boise.

Urban Renewal Districts

The city of Boise works closely with the redevelopment agency, Capitol City Development Corporation (CCDC), which catalyzes investment in the city through its own projects and public/private partnerships.

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indieDwell Inc

indieDwell is a socially and environmentally responsible company that manufactures sustainable, high-performance modular homes from up-cycled intermodal shipping containers that are nearly waste-free to construct.

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