Opportunity for Everyone

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Opportunity for Everyone is the City of Boise’s approach to investing in an economy that uplifts everybody in our community with family wage jobs and access to economic opportunities. It’s our commitment to supporting homegrown innovation and efforts to attract employers that reflect Boise’s vision to create a city for everyone.

What's New

The City of Boise is in the process of developing a comprehensive economic development strategic plan to streamline work around an economy that uplifts everyone in our community, with family wage jobs and access to opportunities.

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Local Economic Investments 

Create and execute a strong economic strategy that benefits everyone, including our small and homegrown businesses. Cultivate a business environment that focuses on sustainable economic opportunities and resilience for the long-term; one that preserves and enhances our vibrant city.  

Partners + Resources  

We firmly believe in collaborating with partners across the Treasure Valley to best serve our business community.

Boise Public Library Business and Non-profit Resources - Today's library is a destination for job seekers, small businesses, and entrepreneurs. In addition to offering access to computers and the internet, librarians provide assistance with resumes and identify resources for professional development. Small businesses and nonprofits seek out funding information and market research, and entrepreneurs use 3D printers for prototyping new products. 


  • Urban Renewal Districts 
    The City of Boise works closely with the redevelopment agency, Capital City Development Corporation (CCDC), which catalyzes investment in the city through its own projects and public/private partnerships. 
  • Tax Reimbursement 
    A performance-based incentive, which features a tax credit of up to 30% for up to 15 years on new state tax revenues generated by companies seeking to expand in or relocate to the state of Idaho by adding new, qualifying jobs. 
  • Idaho Business Advantage 
    If your business invests at least $500,000 in new facilities and creates at least 10 new jobs averaging $40,000 a year with benefits, you may qualify for a wide package of incentives, including tax credits, sales tax rebates, and property tax exemptions. 
  • Property Tax Exemption 
    If your business invests $3 million in new manufacturing facilities, you may qualify for a full or partial property tax exemption for up to five years. 
  • Workforce Development Training Fund 
    Businesses can receive up to $3,000 in cash reimbursements for the training of full-time, new employees or for helping retain employees facing permanent layoff. 
  • Project Management Program 
    The City of Boise Planning and Development Services Department offers limited project management services for a variety of business projects. Those who participate in the program will be assigned multi-disciplinary team, have early assistance meetings and work with a dedicated project manager.
  • Idaho Launch
    LAUNCH is our state’s commitment to lift up all of Idaho, one job seeker at a time. Here you can match your skills to employer needs or research education and training for the skills that hiring managers are looking for.
  • Boise Airport serves more than 4 million people a year and is less than five miles from downtown. 
  • A recent EMSI study ranked Boise the 7th best metro for college graduate retention. Over 58 percent of graduates stay here to begin their careers. 
  • Median age: 36 years old 
Arts + Culture
  • Over 200 public events annually, including Treefort Music Festival, the Twilight Criterium and Idaho Shakespeare Festival 
  • The Department of Arts & History serves an advisory role to a $50 million local arts and history industry that employs 1,600 Boise residents full time.  
  • The Department of Arts & History curates and maintains an art collection valued at $6.5 million and growing. 
  • Home to the second largest Basque population in North America 
  • Currently home to more than 13,000 refugees from 53 countries 
  • Over 90 languages spoken 
  • The Boise Metro is home to one of the oldest synagogues in the western United States 
  • Over 200 miles of foothill trails within minutes of Boise, offering nationally acclaimed hiking and mountain biking trails 
  • Bogus Basin Mountain Resort is just 16 miles north of the Boise and offers almost every winter activity imaginable – along with summer adrenaline adventures and some of the most breathtaking views of the valley. 

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