Entrepreneurship + Creative Economy

Boise is where creative energy meets entrepreneurial spirit. Our city is bursting with a vibrant creative class - artists, makers, designers, musicians, chefs and more - whose innovative talents strengthen Boise's economic vitality. This imaginative workforce helps drive growth across industries from tech to advertising to food and beverage. Whether manifesting through public art installations or cutting-edge product design, creativity shapes Boise's culture and commerce. 

The region's cultural amenities like museums, galleries, performing arts venues and annual festivals attract skilled creatives and bold visionaries. Meanwhile, collaborative workspaces, educational programs and funding resources empower Boise's creative entrepreneurs.  

How the City of Boise Supports Entrepreneurs

The City of Boise works to actively cultivate an ecosystem that empowers entrepreneurial success. Each year, Boise Entrepreneurship Week brings together startups, investors, experts and community leaders for a multi-day conference featuring educational workshops, networking events, a pitch competition and more. 

Monthly Boise Pitch Nights provide a forum for entrepreneurs to present their business ideas and get valuable feedback from investors and peers. The city partners with Trailhead, a local non-profit that offers mentorship, funding resources and collaborative spaces to help startups launch and grow. 

Boise State University's Venture College equips aspiring entrepreneurs with the skills to drive innovation through academic courses, consulting projects and a residency program. The city also supports the growth of local co-working spaces that provide flexible office solutions and foster connections within Boise's entrepreneurial community. 

The city continues to support vital opportunities for networking, funding, education, and acceleration - ensuring Boise remains an inspiring launchpad for entrepreneurs with bold ideas and a passion for building successful businesses. 

Direct Support

City of Boise Department of Arts and History enriches the community by celebrating the city's creative spirit and cultural heritage. 

  • Public Art Program commissions artists to install permanent and temporary public artworks throughout Boise, enlivening parks, trails and the urban landscape.
  • Cultural sites like the Boise Art Museum, Idaho Black History Museum, and the James Castle House, provide educational experiences and a window into Boise's artistic legacy. Their Cultural Programs division produces annual events like the Summer Outdoor Movies series.
  • Maintain resources like public art datasets, historic property maps, and research archives. Through these offerings the department cultivates Boise's vibrant artistic identity while providing meaningful arts education and experiences for residents and visitors alike. Their work makes arts and culture more accessible and woven into the fabric of the community. 

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