Going Car-Free

Did you know that the annual cost to own a vehicle is $9,278? The City of Boise is committed to shifting the transportation usage away from single occupancy vehicles and towards more sustainable models. The City of Boise created Keep Boise Moving, a program that helps to aid in the shift of transportation in Boise. The goal of the city is to reduce the “drive alone” community by 10% by 2029; in order to help make this goal achievable, you can start going car free today.

Reasons to Go Car-Free

Reduce Traffic & Improve the Environment

Having fewer single occupancy vehicles on the road every day can reduce the amount of emissions being released, and is overall better for the environment. A single bus full of passengers can take up to 19 cars off the road.


Reducing your time in your car means reducing your chance of being involved in a car accident.

Increase Productivity

Since you're not driving, use the time during your commute to answer emails, catch up on your favorite podcast or read a book.


Finding a parking spot can be a headache. When you take alternative transportation, you eliminate your need to find short-term parking.

Save Money

In Idaho, the average driver spends between $1,000 - $1,300 per year on gas and maintenance on their vehicles. By not driving, you're reducing the amount you're having to spend on gas, oil changes and parking.

Get Steps In

Every little bit helps - by walking to and from the bus station, or riding your bike, you're increasing your physical activity every day and improving your overall health.

Car-Free Options

There are a variety of options available for you to help you transition from your car to alternative transportation.

Take the Bus

Valley Regional Transit has tools to help you get to work, even allowing you time to relax during your ride.

Unsure about what bus route is right for you? There is a trip planner that will help decided what bus route is right for you.


If you don’t have the time to walk into work, try using an electric scooter. There are different options that you can use including, Lime, Bird or Spin. Each scooter has ranges in price, with a dollar start fee, and anywhere from .15 cents to .40 cents per minute. Not only are the electric scooters a fun way to get to work but its also a convenient way to go car-free.


Biking to work can pretty simple, consider taking bike routes such as the Boise River Greenbelt or using bike lanes on city streets. Be sure to review Idaho Bike Laws and understand the proper process involving right-of-ways, stop signs and stop lights to ensure you're staying safe on the road.


ACHD offers a service allowing you to carpool, or vanpool to work. If your coworkers live down the block, why not ride to work in a vehicle that is provided by the CommuterRide program, saving you gas and miles on your car.

Share the Ride Idaho

Share the Ride Idaho will connect you to different ways to get you to work. They have a variety of options, such as car pool, riding to work with a partner, or even walking into work with a buddy. You can customize your search for the perfect partner by selecting what you are comfortable with.

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