"Sustainability is part of our city's marrow. It's at the core of our efforts to make Boise the most livable city in the country."
-Mayor David Bieter

The City of Boise is committed to sustainability. Through policies and projects, the city works to ensure the sustainability of our community, economy and environment.

Citizen Engagement

Increase citizen engagement to inform sustainable policies and projects within the city and the community at large

Building with Sustainability

Designing and building the community following the latest sustainable practices.

Transportation Alternatives

Promote transportation alternatives, such as bike share, a downtown circulator and multimodal center.

Economic Opportunity

Create economic opportunity through green turnkey development and energy innovation.

Safe & Healthy Community

Support safe, healthy, and caring communities for all Boise citizens.

Lead By Example

Leading by example through city conservation, energy efficiency and resource recovery programs.

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