Vision, Mission and Values

With a workforce of approximately 1,700 people in 13 departments, the City of Boise aspires to positively affect the lives of our residents and make a difference in our community. We consciously use our vision, mission, and values to drive our day-to-day and long-term decision making.

Our Vision

Making Boise the Most Livable City in the Country

Our Mission

  • Create LASTING Environments
  • Cultivate INNOVATIVE Enterprises
  • Build VIBRANT Communities

Our Values

  • One City, One Team - For the Greatest Good
  • Citizen Experience with 'WOW'
  • There's Nothing We Can't Do Better

City Playbook

The City Playbook was created as an internal management tool to guide decision-making and ensure the city’s resources are aligned with our strategic goals. It articulates the city’s most important initiatives – those efforts most likely to help us become the most livable city in the country – and the resource needs associated with them.

The Playbook is structured around the city’s strategic framework, providing a summary for each of our eight goals. Initiatives are listed under the primary goal they serve; however, most initiatives help the City achieve multiple goals. For example, advocating for bike and pedestrian infrastructure helps us create a Connected Community, but also a Safe and Secure Community, a Healthy Community and an Environmentally Sustainable Community.

The Playbook highlights ambitious city initiatives including efforts to reach 100% renewable energy use citywide, maintain housing affordability, increase the use of alternative modes of transportation (like bus and bicycles), address the opioid epidemic, invest in our neighborhoods and continue to improve and expand our system of parks and open spaces.

Safe and Secure Community

Objectives, challenges and opportunities around public safety in the City of Boise.

Healthy Community

Working toward providing affordable healthcare, amenities and local food production to ensure the City of Boise has a healthy community.

Responsible Built Environment

Providing housing and increasing livability in our neighborhoods in the City of Boise.

Connected Community

Working to create safe, affordable and comfortable multi-modal transportation within the City of Boise.

Environmentally Sustainable Community

Addressing climate change through opportunities to ensure we are protecting and reusing existing resources.

Strong, Diverse Local Economy

Utilizing existing resources to invest back into the community.

Creative and Informed Community

Investing in the City of Boise's history and preserving its cultural roots.

Innovative and High-Performing Organization

Evolving how the City of Boise invests in its workforce to provide better service for citizens.

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