Vision, Mission and Values

The City of Boise has a workforce of approximately 1700 in 13 departments that offer a range of services. These services are achieved through teamwork and aspire to positively affect the lives of our residents and to make a difference in our community. We consciously use our vision, mission, and values to drive our day-to-day and long-term decision making.

Our Vision

Making Boise the Most Livable City in the Country

Our Mission

  • Create LASTING Environments
  • Cultivate INNOVATIVE Enterprises
  • Build VIBRANT Communities

Our Values

  • One City, One Team - For the Greatest Good
  • Citizen Experience with 'WOW'
  • There's Nothing We Can't Do Better

What is LIV Boise?

LIV Boise is an expression of our vision to make Boise the most livable city in the country. It is our mission. By focusing on sustainable policies, practices and partnerships, this citywide effort promotes livability across three strategic focus areas: 

Lasting EnvironmentsInnovative Enterprises and Vibrant Communities (LIV).

Lasting Environments

Recognize, protect and improve the health and sustainability of all our activities, our connections to one another and our natural resources.

Green trees in plaza with three buildings surrounding itInnovative Enterprises

Work with individuals, nonprofits and businesses to encourage creativity and collaboration that will promote economic prosperity and improve lives.

Three women in red, black and white dress are dancingVibrant Communities

Engage citizens and organizations to spark new connections, inspire cooperation and strengthen Boise's rich, community-minded spirit.

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