State of the City

2023 State of the City

Boise Mayor Lauren McLean delivered her 2023 State of the City Address on Thursday, May 18 at JUMP in downtown Boise. The Mayor laid out her vision for the City of Boise while highlighting ambitious city projects moving the needle on housing affordability, public safety, transportation and access to parks and open space as the city grows and changes. 

“Even through challenging times, I am betting on Boise,” added McLean. “I am betting on us as a community of people who have, generation after generation, rolled up our sleeves, worked together and beat the odds.” 

Past State of the City Addresses

2022 State of the City

Boise Mayor Lauren McLean delivered her State of the City Address on Wednesday, May 18 at JUMP in downtown Boise. The mayor focused on how Boiseans can come together to not only overcome the challenges we’re facing but use them as opportunities to create their shared vision for the city’s future.

2021 State of the City

In her second State of the City Address, delivered on Thursday, September 16, Mayor Lauren McLean spoke directly to the community about her priorities for housing, pathways, climate action and more. She also highlighted residents’ continued resilience through the COVID-19 pandemic, and honored community heroes who have stepped up during a challenging year.

The mayor drew from past periods of growth, change and pandemic in Boise, and encouraged residents to continue doing what they have always done throughout our city’s history.

Mayor McLean also provided updates to the community on her strategic priorities while outlining ways we can work together as a community to protect and enhance the Boise we know and love.

2020 State of the City

Eight months after taking over as the first elected female Mayor of Boise, Lauren McLean gave her first State of the City address on Wednesday, Sept. 23, 2020. Mayor McLean is committed to bold action, especially in the face of the pandemic that continues to impact our community, state and country. Housing, racism, the economy and climate change don’t pause for a pandemic.

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