City of Boise

Mayor David Bieter

Welcome to the City of Trees. Boise has an independence and creative spirit not found in many cities. Come discover what makes Boise such a wonderful place to live.
– Mayor David Bieter

Boise Kind


Boise Kind is a community-wide initiative that highlights, protects and promotes the community’s core values and helps to ensure Boise remains kind and welcoming.

Boise's Energy Future


The Boise City Council will consider adopting a goal of 100% citywide renewable electricity by 2040 at a public hearing scheduled for Tuesday, April 2. The electricity goal, as well as goals around natural gas and geothermal energy are part of a project called Boise’s Energy Future, focused on setting measureable and achievable renewable energy and efficiency goals for the entire city. 

50th Anniversary of the Boise River Greenbelt

Esther Simplot Park Grand Opening-11-11-2016-Otto Kitsinger-web_025.jpg

The Boise River Greenbelt is 50 years old this year! To celebrate, the Parks and Recreation Department and Boise City Department of Arts & History are planning a series of events and a community-driven storytelling campaign to honor this beloved pathway that connects our community. Learn more about how you can be involved.

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