Council Member Jimmy Hallyburton

Jimmy Hallyburton was born and raised on the rural edges of NW Boise. He spent most of his youth exploring the foothills, neighboring farmland and country roads by foot and by bike. “Be home by dinner,” and “be kind to others,” are the only rules he recalls growing up with. Treating people with kindness remains the cornerstone of his principles and passion today.

The importance of preserving land and wildlife has always been a large part of Jimmy’s life. As a child he built and hung bluebird boxes all over SW Idaho with his grandfather, Al Larson the Bluebird Man, helping to restore Idaho’s Native Bluebird population. In the classroom he spent most of his days staring out the window and standing up to bullies on the playground. Still, with the love and support of the many teachers in his life (including his mother), he developed an unquenchable passion for learning, creativity, and sticking up for others.

After several years fighting wildfires on the Idaho City Hotshots and chipping away at a Mass Communications degree from Boise State University, Jimmy launched the Boise Bicycle Project (BBP). Jimmy and his team hit the ground running in 2007 with a vision of transforming Boise into the Bicycle Capital of America and a mission of making the benefits of bicycling available to the entire community regardless of income. Jimmy describes his early days in the nonprofit/social sector as "the time my real education and understanding of my community began."

Today, he’s helped fix and distributed over 15,000 bicycles to the community in need and has partnered with nonprofits across Idaho to donate over 7,200 bicycles to children from low/no-income families. His organization has become nationally known for its programs that serve incoming refugees, incarcerated individuals, and families experiencing homelessness, using the bicycle as a tool to create social change and community connection.

Jimmy serves on numerous city, county, state and national transportation committees, and has passed life-saving bicycle and transportation legislation at city and state levels.

As a Boise City Councilman, Jimmy plans to use the same value-based collaborative approach he learned in the nonprofit sector to build a vibrant community that centers accessibility connection and belonging for all.

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