Boise Child Care

Boise Child Care serves as a central resource for local parents and providers. Parents can find providers in their area, learn tips in choosing child care and seek additional information on healthy initiatives for their children. Providers will find information for applications for licenses, licensing requirements, training resources and healthy initiative resources for their facility.


Whether you're just beginning your search for child care or attempting to find a new provider, locating quality child care can be challenging. Families looking for quality child care want to make the best informed decisions they can when it comes to their children.

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We believe that Boise’s children are among its most valuable assets – that is why the work you do is so vital to our community. The goal of this website is to provide you with the necessary resources to successfully meet all the city's licensing requirements. Additionally, we are proud to offer training and other resources to continue your education.

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Healthy Initiatives

We believe that Boise’s children are among its most valuable assets. To make sure that the City’s youngest residents are able to live healthy, vibrant lives, the Healthy Initiatives were created as a way to help children develop healthy eating and physical activity habits at an early age.

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New Licensing Requirements

Central Registry Check
New federal and state regulations require a Central Registry check for everyone applying for or renewing an application for a child care facility and/or worker license.

  • Applicants must submit a completed form from each state they have lived within the past 5 years.
  • The City of Boise is aligned with these regulations and now requires all applicants to provide proof of a Central Registry check.
  • This requirement also includes all residents living in the home of an in-home daycare


Chid Care Code Update: Cost Savings

Boise City Code was recently updated to streamline a new child care license and reduce costs for child care providers.

Volunteer Licenses

Current Cost* - $81.75
New Cost - $44.75**

(Including background check, license, processing, photo/ID card, etc.)

Idaho Child Protection Registry Check

Current Cost* - $20 per year***
New Cost - $20 every 3 years ($40 savings over 3 years)

2-Year CPR/First Aid Certification (annual estimate)

Current Cost* - $40 per year
New Cost - $40 every other year ($40 savings over 2 years)

* - Changes went into effect in January 2019.

** - Please note that while the update to volunteer licenses will reduce cost, it also means that volunteers will no longer be able to count toward the child: child care provider ratio.

*** - Child Protection Registry Check is currently required for all states lived in within the past 5 years. Each state has their own methodology for processing and fees, so not every scenario can be captured. However, Idaho is required, and can be captured in this analysis.

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