1.01 Introduction and Disclaimer - Policy

Document Type: Policy
Number: 1.01
Effective: 05-01-06
Legal References:


The purpose of the Employee Policy Handbook is to inform employees of the City's general personnel policies and regulations and to ensure uniform application throughout City departments. The handbook is not all-inclusive, but addresses the topics most likely to be encountered in the City's day-to-day operations.

The policies and regulations in this handbook are not intended to supersede City ordinances or other applicable laws; and in case of any conflict between these policies and such ordinances or laws, the latter shall prevail.

THE POLICIES IN THIS HANDBOOK ARE NOT INTENDED AND SHALL NOT BE CONSTRUED TO CONSTITUTE AN EXPRESS OR IMPLIED CONTRACT OF EMPLOYMENT. The City reserves the right to change or rescind these policies and regulations with or without notice, and to determine the application of these policies to specific circumstances. The City further reserves the right to alter or eliminate any benefits provided to its employees. Any alteration, elimination or revision may be made applicable to current as well as future employees.

The employee policy handbook will be maintained on the City’s Inside web page. Departments shall provide employees without computers, access to a department computer upon request in order to access the handbook. All employees shall read the electronic policies and regulations regularly, check for changes or revisions, and abide by their content. Employees who have questions about the policies and regulations contained in the employee policy handbook including any changes or revisions, shall contact their supervisor or Human Resources for explanation and clarification. Being aware of and understanding the City’s policies and regulations contained in the employee handbook is the employee’s responsibility.

Certain provisions of this handbook state that disciplinary action may result from specified conduct. The inclusion of these provisions does not, and is not intended to limit, in any way, the imposition of disciplinary action for other types of conduct or for other reasons.

The provisions of this handbook apply to all City employees except as otherwise specified within the handbook or by ordinance or state or federal statute, rule or regulation. Bargaining unit employees shall abide by the terms of their collective labor agreement.

Individual departments may implement their own rules and procedures addressing the department’s unique business. All department rules and procedures shall comply with all city, state, and federal laws and shall not conflict or differentiate with any policy, regulation or provision of the Employee Policy Handbook. In cases where it is determined that a conflict exists, the Employee Policy Handbook shall prevail. EXCEPTION: Due to legal and/or safety concerns related to law enforcement and fire protection services, it may be necessary for the Boise Police and Fire Departments to implement rules and procedures that vary from the Employee Policy Handbook. In such cases, the variance will be clearly identified and, in the event of conflict, the department policy and procedure will prevail. The Boise Police and Fire Departments will work with Human Resources to resolve policy conflicts.

Any matter not specifically covered by the handbook or departmental rules and procedures shall be administered by the Mayor or the Mayor’s designee in a manner not inconsistent with the handbook.

WAIVER OF RULES: The Mayor or designee, reserves the right to waive any regulation in specific instances when, in his or her opinion, such waivers are legal, warranted and justified in the interests of a more effective and responsive system of personnel administration.

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