2.01i Rehiring Former Employees - Regulation

Document Type: Regulation Number: 2.01i
Effective: 09-05-08
Revised: 07-13-09
Legal References:



This regulation outlines the circumstances and parameters under which a former employee may be rehired. This regulation applies to all city departments.


Former regular and temporary employees previously hired though the city’s competitive hiring process may be rehired by the same department within one year of separation without going through the city’s competitive hiring process.

Former employees who have been separated over one year, or are being hired into a different department, are required to go through the city’s competitive hiring process unless otherwise permitted in the city’s policies and regulations.

Supervisors shall not hire former employees who were terminated, resigned in lieu of termination, quit without proper notice (if required or not approved), were not in good standing with the city at the time of separation, or whose performance, work ethic, or conduct during their city employment were below average. The restriction against rehiring employees who were terminated or who resigned in lieu of termination does not apply to employees who lost their city job due to a layoff. However, the other rehiring restrictions and requirements in this regulation and in the city’s Layoff policy and regulation do apply.


Before offering employment to any former city employee, the hiring supervisor shall review the former employee’s personnel file and contact their former city supervisor as well as human resources to gather information regarding their:

A. performance (e.g. quality and quantity of work, timeliness, effort, follows instructions and abides by rules, volunteers for additional work), and
B. work ethic (e.g. punctual, reliable, trustworthy), and
C. demeanor (e.g. temperament, gets along with others, takes direction well, good attitude toward the job and the city)

This is not required if the former employee previously worked directly for the hiring supervisor.


Former employees returning to work at the city are subject to all applicable background investigations, fingerprinting, reference checks, drug testing, etc. in accordance with other city policies and regulations.

Former employees hired into a regular position requiring a probationary period shall serve the required probationary period for that position.

Former employees who are rehired shall be paid in accordance with the city’s policies and regulations.

A former employee with at least two years of continuous satisfactory employment in a regular position with the city, who voluntarily separated then is rehired into a regular position within one year of separation, is eligible to have one-half (½) of their accrued sick leave balance at the time of separation reinstated unless the balance was swept into the employee’s PEHP account or is no longer available.

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