3.01e Relocation and Moving Expense - Regulation

Document Type: Regulation Number: 3.01e
Effective: 09-05-08
Revised: 02-19-10
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The City of Boise may partially reimburse eligible employees upon being hired into the City for certain actual and necessary expenses they incur as a result of relocation/moving to the Boise area in order to accept employment with the City. This applies to new employees who accept positions defined within the regulation, and who are required to move a distance of more than 50 miles. The regulation also applies to current employees in the defined positions who, as a condition of employment, are required by the Mayor and Council to move within the Boise City limits. All reimbursements shall be made in accordance to any applicable State or Federal Laws.


The following positions that necessitate applicant recruitment on a regional or national basis are eligible for relocation reimbursement:

A. Department Director
B. Senior Manager
C. Command Staff


Transitional costs refer to the costs associated with temporary housing and living arrangements necessary during the employment transition.

Transitional costs authorized for reimbursement include:

A. Housing Rent
B. Hotel or Motel expenses
C. Meals
D. Transportation (i.e., taxi, bus, air travel, car rental)
E. Personal Laundry
F. Storage of household belongings incurred in transit.

Authorized indirect costs will be reimbursed up to a $1,000.00 maximum and only after the presentation of receipts in the manner specified within this policy.
Authorized expenses as listed above will be reimbursed only if incurred in the first 30 days after the employee accepted the position or first day of employment at the employee's option, with the exception of storage fees for household belongings which may be incurred up to 90 days.

Unauthorized indirect costs include:

A. Costs associated with the sale or acquisition of a home (taxes, appraisals, insurance, utility hookups, etc.)
B. Permanent housing for any length of time
C. Home Cleaning Services
D. Purchase of draperies, carpet, appliances, etc.
E. Pasturing of livestock
F. Kennel or other animal boarding fees
G. Pre-move house hunting expenses
H. Expenses of getting or breaking a lease
I. Mortgage penalties


Moving expenses refer to the reasonable costs associated with changing permanent residences. Authorized actual and necessary moving expenses will be reimbursed up to 80% of the total cost or a maximum amount based on the distance moved, whichever is less. The maximum amounts for distance moved as follows:

Distance Moved Maximum

A. 50 to 500 miles $2,500
B. 501 to 1,200 miles $3,600
C. 1,201 to 1,900 miles $4,600
D. Over 1,900 miles $5,400

Moving expenses authorized for reimbursement include the cost of:

A. Moving household goods and personal effects to a new residence and/or an interim storage facility;
B. Commercial packing, unpacking, special crating and transit storage
C. Insurance associated with the moving of household goods;
D. Transporting automobile(s), if driven, at the current IRS mileage reimbursement rate for the most direct route;
E. Van shipment or drive away service for one automobile. Unauthorized moving expenses include costs associated with:
A. Transporting livestock, boats, travel trailers, campers, pets, fuel, firewood;
B. Dismantling or erecting playhouses, swing sets, waterbeds, workbenches, storage sheds or shelving;
C. Installing or removing of satellite dishes, TV, cable, or CB antennas.


Moving expenses will be reimbursed only after the presentation of receipts in the manner specified within this policy and only if incurred within 12 months of employee's first day of employment. Receipts for expenses as covered under this policy must be submitted to Payroll for reimbursement along with management approval to pay. This approval must include a statement verifying that the receipts which have been provided are valid in accordance to this policy and does not exceed the amount outlined in the offer of employment. The City reserves the right to deny any claim for reimbursement which is of an excessive nature or unspecified in this regulation.

In addition to the reimbursement provisions, an employee covered under this regulation shall be provided a total of six (6) days administrative leave with pay during the first six (6) months of employment for moving and relocation purposes.

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