4.10b Commercial Drivers (CDL) Substance Abuse Information - Exhibit

Document Type: Exhibit
Number: 4.10b
Effective: 01-22-10
Legal Ref: 49 U.S.C. § 2717, 49 C.F.R. Part 40, as amended, 49 C.F.R. Parts 382, 383,  395, & 49, C.F.R. Part 171, 172


Substance Abuse is widespread problem in our society. Alcoholism and other drug addiction affect the user’s health, behavior, and life. Employees who misuse alcohol and drugs bring their problems to work with them. The sudden appearance of unusual behavior may be a sign of an alcohol or other drug problem. Signs of substance abuse include increased absenteeism, increased discipline issues, decreased productivity, relationship problems, financial problems, and decline in personal appearance.

The following are signs and symptoms of substance abuse:

Odor on breath, slurred speech, poor balance or coordination, bloodshot eyes, Blackout, slowed reaction, constricted watery eyes

Cocaine and Amphetamine
Restless, anxious, talkative, red nasal area, runny nose, dilated pupils, teeth grinding, tremors, exaggerated reflexes

Bloodshot eyes, odor, relaxed inhibitions, tremors, difficulty dividing attention

Blank stare, muscle rigidity, violent/combative, perspiring, confused, repetitive speech

Droopy eyelids, on the nod, depressed reflexes, facial itching, dry mouth, slow raspy speech, constricted pupils

If an employee shows signs of alcohol or drug abuse, the best way to help a user face an alcohol or other drug problem is to make sure not to ignore or cover up behaviors or mistakes that result from the abuse or addiction. Don’t let a drug-using employee or coworker put your health, safety, or job in danger. If an employee asks for help, refer him or her to the Employee Assistance Program provider for assistance and contact Human Resources. When confronting an employee who you suspect may be abusing drugs or alcohol a supervisor should:

Talk to the person in private.
Be calm and objective; don’t preach or blame.
Express concern for the person’s health and well-being and everyone’s safety.
Focus on the problem, not the person.
Address the employee with known facts, not assumptions

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