4.40a Parking - Regulation

Document Type: Regulation
Number: 4.40a
Effective: 05-01-06
Revised: 07-13-09, 02-14-11, 03-23-12, 09-18-13, 05-12-14, 06-10-15, 05-15-17
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This regulation was created to promote fairness and consistency in the treatment of all employees and to communicate rules and standards intended to effectively and fairly distribute the limited number of parking spaces at the City Hall parking garage. This regulation applies to all regular employees regardless of their position or bargaining unit status. The City may discontinue or amend any portion of these regulations at its sole discretion, with or without giving prior notice.


No Department or its representative shall provide or imply that parking is a benefit of employment which conflicts with these regulations unless specifically authorized in writing by the Mayor.

A. The Mayor, the Assistant(s) to the Mayor and all Department Directors may be issued one parking permit free of charge for their personal vehicle that will allow them to park in designated parking spaces. At the Mayor’s discretion, a fee may be charged for the permit.

B. Parking Services shall designate three (3) spaces in the basement of City Hall for exclusive use by members of the City Council.

C. Board and Commission members shall be granted a parking permit free of charge to park in the City Hall garage while conducting official City business.

D. Parking Services shall maintain a list of City Hall staff requesting a monthly use parking permit and publish the list on the City’s Inside web. Parking permits for City Hall staff shall be distributed based on seniority. Seniority shall be determined based on the employee’s current hire date. Current hire date refers to the most recent hire date in a regular employment position. Temporary employment positions do not count toward seniority for the purposes of this regulation. Any regular employee who is currently assigned to City Hall may request to have his or her name placed on the waiting list according to his or her current hire date. This includes employees who transfer to City Hall from another location. If, under these circumstances, the employee’s hire date precedes the hire date of other employees currently on the list, the employee may be placed on the list ahead of the other individuals.

E. Except for exceptions noted in this regulation, all permit holders will be charged a monthly fee for the permit.

F. Employees who car pool daily with at least three City employees are eligible to receive a parking permit to use the City Hall garage, space permitted. There will be a monthly charge for the permit. If the car pool falls below three City employees, the permit must be returned to Parking Services immediately. Car pool permitees must provide quarterly written verification to Parking Services that they are qualified for the car pool permit. This includes the name and department of all riders. The verification is due on the first work day of the months of January, April, July, and October. Parking Services will monitor this program and will rescind the permit in the event of noncompliance or in the event of a shortage of parking spaces. Employees who obtain and/or use a parking permit under false pretenses are subject to discipline.

G. The City will make reasonable accommodation for employees with disabilities in possession of an accessible license plate or placard issued by the State of Idaho. Employees with disabilities who are issued a permit to use the City Hall garage will be charged the regular monthly rate.

J. A list of employees with grandfathered parking benefits is maintained by Parking Services, Human Resources and the City Attorney’s office. Any changes to the list shall have written approval from the Mayor.


Beginning October 1, 2013 all spaces in the City Hall parking garage will be assigned.

All City-owned vehicles shall park on the west side of the basement garage.

Each monthly permit holder will be assigned a numbered space in the parking garage. Vehicles with a wheel base of 155 inches will be assigned parking spaces on the third floor of the garage.

All Board and Commission users, and special parking credential users [see below], shall park in the designated overflow parking spaces in the basement of the garage.

Drivers who park in a monthly permit holder’s assigned space shall be issued a citation.

No City employee shall have more than one permit to park in the garage.


Employees are expected to use City motor pool vehicles when conducting City business. In the event an employee does not have access to a motor pool vehicle and therefore is required to use his or her personal vehicle, the Department Director may authorize the employee use a department permit. These permits are known as special parking credential (SPCs). SPCs will be issued to departments by Parking Services and shall only be used if a motor pool vehicle is not available. Departments shall not assign SPCs to a specific individual for his or her exclusive use.

Employees from worksites located outside City Hall, but who regularly come to City Hall to perform work, may use a SPC to park in the designated overflow parking area in the basement of the City Hall Parking garage.


Parking for occasions that bring a large number of employees to City Hall from other worksites can create a shortage of parking for paying permit users. To ensure parking for the paying permit users, all individuals who come to City Hall shall use the designated overflow parking in the basement of the garage or parking facilities other than the City Hall garage.


All City fleet vehicles shall use spaces in the basement and be identified by either a City license plate and/or a fleet vehicle decal provided by Parking Services.


Motorcycle parking will be allowed in the City parking facilities in areas specifically designated for such parking. Parking permits will be provided by Parking Services and shall be displayed on the motorcycle. Motorcycle parking shall be regulated in the same manner as the automobile parking program.


No public parking is available in City Hall facilities.


All City employees and Board and Commission members with badge access may use the City Hall parking facility from 5:00 p.m. to 7 a.m. weekdays and all day Saturday and Sunday without a parking permit.


The following requirements pertain to monthly parking permits and SPCs:

A. Permits shall be visibly displayed at all times when parked in the garage. If the permit is not visible the permit holder will be cited.

B. If an employee leaves City employment, or has moved to another work location such as City Hall West or another City work location, the employee is required to return the parking permit to Parking Services or, if applicable, destroy the parking decal.

C. Employees are prohibited from using the parking permit of a current or former employee, or an employee who now works at another City work location unless otherwise permitted below:

1. In the event of a temporary short-term leave of absence such as vacation, FMLA, etc., a permit holder may loan his or her permit to another City employee for use. A temporary short-term leave of absence can be no longer than three months. If the permit holder lends his or her permit to another City employee, the permit holder shall notify Parking Services in advance. The permit holder will remain responsible for the parking permit fee. The person using the permit is required to have physical possession of the permit in order to utilize its privileges. No temporary permits will be issued unless permitted in this regulation.

2. Permit holders may loan their parking permit to another City employee for use during a temporary physical impairment or condition that presents a challenge to mobility (e.g. pregnancy). If a permit holder lends his or her permit to a mobility-challenged employee, the permit holder shall notify Parking Services in advance via the Compassionate Parking form. The permit holder will remain responsible for the parking permit fee.

D. City staff that use alternative transportation are encouraged to return their permits to Parking Services to be redistributed to others on the waiting list. If the permit holder elects to retain the permit, he or she shall not loan the permit to other staff for their use unless otherwise permitted in this regulation. Failure to use an assigned space for three (3) months may result in loss of parking privileges.

E. Only one permit will be issued per eligible employee or Commission/Board member. Individuals shall rotate the permit if they drive various vehicles to work. Photocopies are strictly prohibited.

F. Parking privileges are non-transferable unless otherwise permitted in this regulation, and are intended solely for the use of City employees, commission and Board members. Permits may not be purchased or used on behalf of, or for the benefit of another party.

G. Parking fees will be deducted in advance from the employee’s paycheck by automatic payroll withdraw. Employees are required to complete and submit a payroll deduction form to use facility parking. No refunds will be issued for partially used months.

H. The number of available parking spaces for personal vehicles may need to be reduced at times to accommodate new fleet vehicles that come into the system. As spaces are needed, monthly parkers will be reduced on a last in, first out basis.

I. All entrances into the parking facilities are controlled by electronic gates
which require a City of Boise photo identification badge for access.


Parking Services shall determine if the size of a vehicle is such that it impacts the traffic flow, access, or the number of spaces affected. The City rents or provides use of parking spaces and maintains the right to prohibit facility usage of any vehicle deemed to hinder or interfere with traffic flow, access, or number of available parking spaces.

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