6.01iii Red Tag Permit for Fire Protection System Impairments - Exhibit

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Exhibit Number: 6.01iii
Effective: 10-28-13
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For Fire Protection System Impairments

The purpose of the Red Tag Permit System is to manage the fire alarm and sprinkler systems during impairments.

General Information

When planning an impairment and before initiating the permit, follow these steps

• Plan to use temporary protection such as extra fire extinguishers.
• During the impairment shut down hazardous processes and prohibit all hot work operations.

Using the Wall Kit (can be obtained from Risk and Safety Services)

• A wall kit containing the red tag permits should be posted in plain view in the sprinkler control room.
• Affix the red and white decals to all fire protection equipment to alert everyone that authorization is necessary prior to shutting off fire protection equipment.
• Fill in vital information to display on the wall kit. Provide telephone numbers for the fire department, Alarm Company and water department.
• Inform employees that the red tag permit system is in effect.

Work Instructions

Before Impairment - Part 1 (see Fig. 1)

• Check the boxes indicating all the precautions taken.
• Fill-in the information boxes for Part 1

• Index Number (will be different for each facility, contact Risk and Safety Services for your facility’s Index Number)
INSURED NAME – City of Boise
LOCATION – physical address of your facility
• Sprinkler Valve Location/Number
• Check type of system
• Name the area with the impaired system
• Reason for the impairment
• Planned date/time to be closed
• Planned date/time to be opened

• The Firesafety Supervisor must notify FM Global (property insurer) by phone (888- 201-8943) about the impairment. Alternatively, a copy of the red tag permit can be faxed (800-736-5564) to FM Global or reported online at http://www.fmglobal.com/redetag/default.aspx.
• The Firesafety Supervisor should notify the alarm monitoring company for the facility.
• The Firesafety Supervisor then signs the tag to document the impairment and removes Part 1 for his/her records.

During Impairment - Part 2 (see Fig. 2)

• Record the date, time and the number of turns needed to close the valve on Part 2.
• Attach Part 3 to the shut valve.
• Remove and place Part 2 in the During Impairment (center) pocket of the wall kit as a reminder of the impairment.

After the Impairment - Part 3 (see Fig. 3)

• Record the date, time, and the number of turns needed to open the valve on Part 3.
• Promptly restore fire protection equipment to automatic service.
• If sprinkler protection was impaired, conduct a 2-inch drain test at the sprinkler riser and compare the results to previous 2-inch drain tests to ensure the results are satisfactory.
• Lock sprinkler control valves in the wide-open position.
• Reset the alarm system immediately and notify the alarm monitoring company.
• Notify the local fire department that the fire protection is restored.
• Notify FM Global that the fire protection is restored.
• Collect Parts 2 and 3, staple them together and place them in the After Impairment (right) pocket of the wall kit.

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