6.10a Violence-Free Workplace - Regulation

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Regulation Number: 6.10a
Effective: 05-01-06
Legal References: I.C. § 18-3302
B.M.C. 6-04



The City of Boise does not tolerate acts of workplace violence committed by or against employees. The City strictly prohibits employees from making threats, whether direct or indirect, or engaging in violent acts.


Prohibited conduct includes, but is not limited to, the following:

A. Injuring another person physically;
B. Engaging in behavior that intimidates or creates a reasonable fear in another person;
C. Engaging in behavior that subjects another individual to emotional distress;
D. Damaging property intentionally;
E. Threatening to injure an individual or damage property; suggesting, condoning or otherwise inferring that an act to injure persons or property is acceptable conduct;
F. Committing injurious acts motivated by, or related to, domestic violence or sexual harassment; and
G. Possessing, brandishing, or using a weapon while on a City of Boise premises, while representing the City, or while engaged in City business, except as designated within this regulation.

Activities of police personnel adhering to appropriate standards of practice are excluded as examples of prohibited conduct.


The City prohibits all individuals from possessing weapons of any type on City property and at any City-sponsored event, unless the individual falls within one of the exceptions described below. This prohibition applies to visible and concealed weapons, even those for which the owner has obtained the necessary permits. While this list is not all inclusive, “weapons” include firearms, knives with a blade longer than four inches, any explosive materials, and any other objects that could be used to intimidate or injure another individual.

Some City employees may be required, as a condition of their work assignment, to possess firearms or other weapons on City property and at City-sponsored events. These employees are to possess and use these weapons in accordance with the department’s operating procedures and all applicable state and federal laws.

Exceptions to this section may only be made with written authorization from the Mayor or designee in consultation with the Legal Department. Any exception should be documented and, if involving an employee, placed in the employee’s official personnel file. The Mayor or designee in consultation with the Legal Department may revoke any exceptions at any time without prior notice.


All employees are responsible for notifying their supervisor and/or Human Resources of any threats that they witness or receive or that they are told another person witnessed or received. Even without a specific threat, all employees should report any behavior they have witnessed that they regard as potentially threatening or violent or which could endanger the health or safety of an employee.

Some City offices are equipped with panic buttons that signal police for help when activated. In the case of an emergency situation, employees in offices equipped with these buttons should activate them and call 911.


Victims of violent incidents in the workplace might have to contend with a variety of medical, psychological, and legal consequences. The City assists victims of workplace violence by:

A. Referring victims to appropriate community resources, such as medical centers, EAP counseling services, victim advocacy groups, legal aid, and domestic violence shelters.
B. Providing flexible work hours or short-term or extended leave.
C. Cooperating with law enforcement personnel in the investigation of the crime and the prosecution of the offender.
D. Providing a debriefing for employees 24 to 48 hours after a serious violent occurrence to explain what happened and what steps are being taken by the City to support affected employees.

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