Tree Removal

In all communities, trees planted by early residents grow old and succumb to the forces of age. Those trees are removed and replaced with new trees that will mature and eventually reach the same fate.

Boise reached that point many years ago. Many trees are close to the same age and as a group are reaching the end of their safe and useful life. Some can be pruned to reduce hazards and extend their life. However, at an increasing rate, many must be removed.

To meet the goal of increasing canopy cover and to encourage that large stature trees are replaced with large stature trees, Class II and the larger Class III trees, in planting strips wide enough to support a large healthy tree.

Disease and insect infestations require the removal of other species. Community Forestry staff's prompt and reasonable hazard assessment identifies trees that must be removed verses trees that can be pruned to reduce public risk and extend the tree's useful life.

Tree Removal

Public Notice

By Boise Tree Ordinance, Boise City is responsible for the removal of dead, diseased or hazardous trees from public rights-of-way at no cost to the adjacent homeowner.

If it is not warranted, removal will not be permitted. If a home owner feels removal might be warranted please call Boise Community Forestry for a free inspection of the tree.

When a street tree has been identified as described above, a public notice will be posted on that tree. This provides an opportunity for questions and comments. Please Note: The actual removal of the tree may not occur until well after the number of days has passed.

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