Warm Springs Grill + Golf Frequently Asked Questions

What does the design of the new Warm Springs Grill + Golf facility include?

Warm Springs Grill + Golf includes a pro shop, grill and outdoor patio. The new facility also includes an event center with space to accommodate up to approximately 75 people; a dining area with seating capacity of approximately 32 customers; and an outside patio area with seating for another 150 people in covered and uncovered areas. Outside the building there is room for golf cart parking and bike racks will be installed to accommodate people visiting the facility via the Boise River Greenbelt.

How is the new facility being funded?

The updated Warm Springs Grill + Golf community facility will replace the current clubhouse, which consists of two double-wide trailers. The current facility is past its prime and needs to be replaced. An anonymous donor provided $3.5 million in funding toward the new building and the City of Boise is funding the rest through a combination of capital dollars and golf course revenue. The golf course will be required to repay the city for the capital investment over a 10-year period.

Will there be changes to the golf course layout as part of this project?

Yes, the Warm Springs Golf Course team has worked closely with the facility designers to ensure the building fits the space and to accommodate the golf course holes surrounding its location. Refinements to the golf course should not change the current par 72 total. The USGA will adjust the course rating after construction is completed.

To accommodate construction, hole 9 will have a temporary green starting September 24, 2023. The new green is planned to reopen in April of 2024.

Will this new addition increase user fees at Warm Springs Golf Course?

No, the addition of Warm Springs Grill + Golf will not directly impact user fees. However, course fees are anticipated to rise in accordance with regional trends and typical annual increases already projected by the city.

Is additional parking being added?

Yes, the existing building and putting green will be converted to additional parking. The number of stalls is still being configured, as project planners work to optimize spacing and layouts. Accessible parking options will be included.

How will you promote safety as golfers and Greenbelt users access the grill and outdoor patio?

Boise Parks and Recreation plans to add additional signage to alert golfers and Greenbelt users and encourage safe entry and exit into the facility off the Boise River Greenbelt and all golf course pathways. Our team will continue to assess this aspect of the project as the new facility is built out and will make adjustments as needed, with safety top of mind.

What food and drinks will be served?

Warm Springs Grill + Golf will have a full-service kitchen with a variety of menu items for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The Grill + Golf will also offer a full-service bar with beer, wine and liquor options.

Will this project affect nearby trailhead parking?

No, Boise Parks and Recreation does not anticipate any changes to the trailhead parking off Warm Springs Avenue.

How will you accommodate people biking to the facility?

Covered bike racks are incorporated into the building design in order to accommodate additional traffic from the Greenbelt and neighbors who live nearby.

What are the next steps in the design and construction timeline?

As the design of Warm Springs Grill + Golf is finalized, we are seeking public engagement on the facility and construction process. Over the coming months, construction documents will be submitted with plans for bids to open early 2024. Construction is scheduled to take place in the spring of 2024 with the anticipation of opening the summer of 2025.

Please note, project completion estimates are subject to change due to volatility in the construction industry. Boise Parks and Recreation will update project timelines as needed if any unforeseen delays occur.

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