Neitzel/Griffin Family Home 1917

National Register of Historic Places
by the Neitzel-Griffin Foundation, Inc.
James F. Griffin, Founder

The Neitzel/Griffin Family Home is an iconic structure for Boise City. It is a classic example of the architectural excellence of its architects - Tourtellotte and Hummel. It is also an historic structure, both inside and out, which is worthy of being memorialized in Julia Davis Park along with other efforts of Boise historical importance. The Neitzel/Griffin Family Home is one of the last two remaining two-story stone homes located in the Boise City Original Townsite. The Home was built by the finest hand-craftsmen with local hand-cut sandstone and oak woodwork. Prominent Boise architects have called the Neitzel/Griffin Family Home "a gift to the street", and rarely does a month pass without a passerby of varied age and background expressing to a family member their appreciation of this building's aesthetic beauty and contribution to the ambience of Boise's North End. It has been lovingly used and cared for by family members for a century. It is enhanced by the last family rose garden on 9th Street between Fort Street and the Boise River.

The Neitzel/Griffin Family have been hard-working pioneers and entrepreneurs who have been centrally involved in the history of ldaho. They have seen a lot of history and made a lot of history. Walter Chrysler, Henry Ford II, various governors, mayors and community religious leaders were guests at the Home. Family members have been entrepreneurs who have been involved in innovative pioneering business efforts in mercantile stores, automobile dealerships and financing, drive-in grocery markets, the first Boise 24-hour convenience store, agriculture, livestock, small business financing, fine housing and commercial real estate development, and securities advisory work.

In addition to the business efforts mentioned above, the family members have also generously contributed to Boise through community involvement. Some of their community activities include the coaching and support of little league baseball teams, supporting the YMCA, directorships of both the early Idaho Historical Society and the Western Idaho State Fair, and over a century of various annual contributions for the benefit of Boise City.

The Neitzel/Griffin Family has loved living in Boise and being a meaningful part of this wonderful community.

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