Aase’s onion

Aase's onion plant
Aase's onion

Aase’s onion (Allium aaseae)

Aase’s onion is a low-growing plant with a striking display of small pink flowers that bloom in early spring. Its global range is restricted to steep, sandy slopes in the lower foothills between Boise and Emmett (Moseley and Caicco 1989; Mancuso and Moseley 1991). Aase’s onion has been on the Idaho Native Plant Society's Idaho Rare Plant List since the list's inception in the 1980s. It is a conservation concern because of its restricted geographic range and the documented loss and degradation of habitat, especially in the Boise Foothills.

Populations of Aase's onion are found within five City of Boise open space reserves including Camel’s Back Reserve, Hillside to Hollow Reserve, Hulls Gulch Reserve, Military Reserve, and Polecat Reserve.

Learn more about trails where Aase’s onion can be found here.

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