Pine Grove Playground Information

Pine Grove Park Playground
Pine Grove Park Playground

Playground construction wrapped up in May 2023 and rubber bonded surfacing has been installed.

The new playground at Pine Grove Park was built with accessibility in mind.

Amenities woven into the playground design provide opportunities for individuals utilizing mobility devices and include the ability to enter or interact with other children as they play and explore around them. Overall, the playground features are designed to appeal to older children ages 2 to 12 age group.

In addition, a special bonded rubber fall material will be installed underneath the playground – the surface is easy to navigate for people who use assistive devices and provides a soft surface for all playground users.


    • Inclusive Swing Seat
      • The inclusive swing offers a secure seat and the ability to attach a harness when needed to provide a safe swinging experience for all.
    • Garden Sensory Walls
      • Sensory play is crucial to every child’s development and growth.
    • Momentum Corridor
      • Miracle Museum’s Momentum Corridor is a unique rolling experience; with overhead bars, kids are able to pull themselves across the full length of this roller table, so they can enjoy a tactile event with gentle bumps. Momentum Corridor is at transfer height, making this a fun, accessible event!
    • Flux Capacitor
      • Sci-fi fans will love inventing new ways to interact with this one-of-a-kind structure! With climbable orbs surrounding three JAX® stacked on top of each other, kids will have a blast while getting a full-body workout.

*Thanks to Miracle Recreation for providing all of the above amenity descriptions.

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