Warm Springs Park Habitat Improvement Project

Funded by a 2018 Neighborhood Investment Grant initiated by the Golden Eagle Audubon Society and submitted by the East End Neighborhood Association, the Warm Springs Park Native Plant Garden provides crucial habitat for pollinators, birds, and a range of other wildlife.

Native plant garden at Warm Springs Park

Located between the foothills and Boise River, the park provides habitat connectivity between the uplands and riparian zone. Many of the native plants used in the garden were grown by students and volunteers through the Treasure Valley Native Plant Network. Landscaping and garden design were generously provided by FarWest Landscape and Garden Center.

Native plants are uniquely adapted to local climate conditions, require little supplemental water or fertilizer to thrive, and provide excellent forage for wildlife. The garden has been a community effort every step of the way, from concept to installation and continues with the garden’s ongoing maintenance.

Interested in pollinator gardens in Boise and want to get involved in caring for these important areas?  Visit our Buzz About Pollinators web page to learn more.

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