Neighborhood Watch

What Is Neighborhood Watch?

Neighborhood Watch is one of the most effective ways to build a safe and healthy neighborhood. Through the Neighborhood Watch program you will learn:

  • How neighbors working together can reduce and prevent crime
  • How to be extra eyes and ears for reporting suspicious and criminal activity
  • How to partner between neighborhoods and law enforcement
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Key Elements of the Neighborhood Watch

  • Neighborhood get-togethers: Have at least one meeting or block party a year.
  • Communication system: Phone tree, email list or social media group (ex: Facebook, Nextdoor) are excellent forms of communicating with neighbors. Neighbors can quickly be alerted to crimes in their area.
  • Organization: Select the chairman and block captains (if needed). The chairman provides leadership for the Watch group and acts as a contact person between the neighborhood and the Crime Prevention Unit.
  • Distribution of crime prevention literature and newsletters.

Responsibilities as a Watch Member

  • Know your neighbors. Watch out for each other, work together and communicate with your neighbors.
  • Be informed and aware of area crime activity.
  • Incorporate crime prevention strategies by lighting up your residence, locking your home and vehicles, and closing your blinds/drapes in the evening.
  • Note license plate numbers and description of suspicious vehicles and persons.
  • Report criminal and suspicious activity, and victimization to the police department, and then to your Watch chairman.

Find Your Neighborhood Watch

Has a Neighborhood Watch been established in your area? Use the map below to find yours.

Why Neighborhood Watch?

It works! Law enforcement professionals in communities with active Neighborhood Watch programs report dramatic decreases in burglary and related offenses.

How Does a Neighborhood Watch Start?

A motivated individual, a few concerned residents, or a community organization can spearhead the efforts to establish a Watch group. They can contact the Boise Police Crime Prevention Unit for an informational booklet and to schedule the initial meeting with the neighbors.

The initial meeting will establish the purpose of the program, begin to identify issues that need to be addressed, train members in home security and reporting skills, and provide information on crime in that area.

Who Can Be Involved?

Any resident can be involved, whether young or old, single or married, renter or homeowner. Even the busiest people can belong to Neighborhood Watch and keep an eye out for their neighbors.

Goals and Objectives


To reduce and prevent residential crime


  • Teach citizens how to secure their homes.
  • Encourage neighbors to become better acquainted and work together.
  • Train citizens to recognize and report of suspicious activity.
  • Open communication between neighborhoods and the Boise Police Department.


  • Reduces fear of crime 
  • Deters criminal activity 
  • Stimulates neighborhood awareness by people watching out for each other 
  • Reduces the risk of becoming a crime victim 
  • Trains residents to secure their homes and property, recognize and report suspicious and criminal activity, and communicate with neighbors 
  • Residents receive information by the Boise Police Crime Prevention Unit on criminal activity in or near their neighborhood, allowing them to take precautions and be the eyes and ears for law enforcement 
  • Offers bi-annual Neighborhood Watch newsletters and a variety of training opportunities 
  • Offers updated crime prevention literature and information 
  • Encourages block parties, visiting with neighbors and having fun in your neighborhood 

Start A Neighborhood Watch

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