Building Code Board

The Building Code Board hears appeals of decisions made by the Building Official or Fire Code Official; reviews updated building codes, ordinance updates, amendments and fee update proposals, and makes recommendations to City Council.

Board Meeting Information

Meetings are held in a hybrid format allowing both virtual and in-person attendance.


Annually or as needed for appeals.


Boise City Hall, 150 N Capitol Blvd, Boise, ID 83702


About the Board Members

The Board has 10 members who serve a four-year term. Board members can serve an unlimited number of terms.

The Board consists of:

  • Three Idaho registered engineers
  • Three Idaho licensed architects
  • Three building contractors
  • One person who owns and/or operates a fire sprinkler business.

Boise City residency of at least five of the members is required.

  • Jim Otradosky, Chair
    Appointed September 2021
  • Craig Brasher
    Appointed April 2021
  • Andy Erstad
    Appointed October 2018
  • Mark Guho
    Appointed April 2022
  • Ron Larson
    Appointed March 2021
  • Matt Blake
    Appointed May 2023
  • Riley Mahaffey
    Appointed June 2018
  • Russ Phillips
    Appointed March 2021
  • Tyler Resnick
    Appointed March 2021
  • TJ Sayles
    Appointed July 2018

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