Boise City Council to Consider New Northwest Fire Station Location

October 22, 2021

**On Oct. 26, 2021, Boise City Council approved the purchase sale agreement concerning land for Fire Station 13 on N. Bogart Lane and W. State Street.

The City of Boise is proposing to enter into a purchase sale agreement for land on the Northeast corner of N. Bogart Lane and W. State Street for a future fire station. Siting a new Fire Station 13 in this area of the city has been a long-term discussion and remains a priority. This past year, the Boise Fire Department focused on finalizing a location 1.5 to 1.75 miles Northwest of Station 16, which is located off N. Glenwood Street. The location at Bogart and State Street was identified as an optimal location to help provide fire coverage in the Northwest.


The Boise Fire Department has been working with its partner agencies including North Ada County Fire and Rescue and the Eagle Fire Department as well as neighbors over the years to evaluate options and pick the best location for a future Boise Fire Station. In early 2021, the Boise Fire Department worked with an independent broker to take a fresh look at available land, and the location at Bogart and State Street was identified as a potential option. The Boise Fire Department’s initial interest in this property was based on a variety of factors including location, availably, access and size.

Once the location was selected as an optimal choice, a broker working on behalf of the fire department reached out to the landowner to inquire about its availability, as the land had previously been listed for sale but was not currently on the market. Discussions began with the landowner, JRL Properties LP, and an agreement to move forward was reached this week.

“This location off Bogart is the solution we have been looking for in Northwest Boise.  It is ideally situated to achieve the best fire coverage for our Northwest community while collaborating with our partner agencies to provide an effective and efficient response,” said Fire Chief Mark Niemeyer.

The benefits of siting Fire Station 13 at State and Bogart include:

  • Greater BFD coverage in the NW to achieve travel time goal of 5:00 for first arriving apparatus
  • Bogart Lane is 1.5 miles from Station 16
  • Bogart Ln is an optimal street off State Street due to lighted intersection and Opticom availability

Boise City Council members are expected to consider executing the purchase sale agreement for land, valued at approximately $1.1 million, at their upcoming meeting on Tuesday, October 26, 2021. If council approves the purchase sale agreement, costs for the station will be covered by impact fees and construction could start in 2023. Neighbors will be invited to participate in the design review process for the new station.


Previous discussions about potential locations for Fire Station 13 included a parcel the City of Boise owns off Gary Lane. If the property off Bogart Lane is ultimately purchased following due diligence and closing, Gary Lane would be added to the Parks and Recreation Department’s inventory for future green up and amenities. This location directly addresses the city’s goals for Boiseans to have a park within a 10-minute walk from their home. The department will engage residents in a park master planning process if the project moves forward, with a timeline determined at a later date.

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