Boise Fire Launches Community Satisfaction Survey

February 1, 2023

The Boise Fire Department takes great pride in serving the people of Boise and we are constantly looking for ways to improve.  This week we are launching a new ongoing community survey to gather feedback on our service. Whether we responded to a call at your house, your neighborhood, or we provided an inspection or other public service, we want to hear from you. Click here to take the survey.

“In order to carry out our mission, ‘Respond to the community with pride, service and dedication,’ it is important that we always recognize the needs of the community first,” Fire Chief Mark Niemeyer said. “Through outreach opportunities like this survey, Boise Fire can continue to engage with our community and adapt to their needs.”

The survey questions range from levels of satisfaction with the services Boise Fire provided to feedback on the services we could provide more of. There is no close date for the survey. It is ongoing, and we will monitor responses monthly to help guide future decisions of the department and how we need to adjust our operations.

“Our goal as a fire department is to provide the best possible emergency response services, and we look forward to hearing from our community about what we have done well and where we have opportunities to grow,” Niemeyer said.

The survey cards with the QR code will be available at any Boise Fire station, City Hall West, and will be handed out at public education events and by Boise Fire inspectors after an inspection. You can also find the survey on our website.

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