Boise Removes Hurdle to Charging Electric Cars

December 2, 2020


I'm excited to share that we made a small change to our city code that will have a significant impact on Boise's energy future. The new code requires that newly constructed single-family homes and townhouses with garages have a higher voltage circuit. This update will allow the homeowner to install a charging station for their electric vehicle. 

As we create a clean city for everyone, the shift in providing an option to include an electric circuit capable of charging an electric car has the potential to make a significant impact by removing a barrier to owning a green vehicle in Boise.   

As more and more residents choose electric vehicles, our community will benefit from a significant decrease in greenhouse gas emissions. We set an ambitious goal of 100% clean electricity for our community; this is another step towards that goal. 

I want to thank our City Electrical Board, Planning and Development Services Department, Public Works Department and City Council for helping to make this happen. We're taking every responsible step we can to create a thriving green future for every resident of Boise. Working together, we can Impact the course of climate change. 

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