New Interactive Map Feature Allows Ridge to Rivers Users to Check Real-Time Trail Conditions

November 17, 2022

Boise Foothills trail users can now view live updates and check specific trail conditions using the online interactive map on the Ridge to Rivers website. The new feature displays conditions of trails in the Ridge to Rivers system, giving users the ability to make good decisions about which trails to use and when. Trail conditions will be updated regularly by Ridge to Rivers trail team members to provide accurate reports, especially during the winter months.

“Displaying up-to-date trail conditions on the interactive map will allow users to make informed decisions when planning a hike or ride during the muddy trail season,” said Ridge to Rivers Manager David Gordon. “With more than 200 miles of trails throughout the system, there are great alternatives and all-weather options for folks to utilize when temperatures drop, and wet weather moves in. This new interactive map feature will help guide those decisions.”

Using trails when they are muddy is the leading cause of damage in the Boise Foothills due to high clay content in the soil. Trail widening, rutting and erosion are common consequences of using wet trails. The Ridge to Rivers interactive map, created in partnership with Ada County, is easy to download and will now detail trails that should be avoided, which trails are frozen and acceptable for use, and which trails are dry and can continue to be enjoyed. In addition, regular trail updates will continue to be posted on the Ridge to Rivers Facebook page and on the homepage of the Ridge to Rivers website.

“The Ridge to Rivers partnership works to maintain and preserve the trail system for future generations,” said Boise Parks and Recreation Director Doug Holloway. “Being mindful about year-round trail use is an important part of ensuring everyone will continue to have good experiences while recreating in the Boise Foothills. It's up to all of us to be responsible and protect this incredible amenity in Boise’s backyard.”


The interactive map can be viewed on a desktop or phone web browser. Users may need to clear their browser cache when visiting the website to activate the new feature. Upon opening the map, select “Current Trail Conditions” from the top left drop-down. This will launch a color-coded map of all trails recently evaluated. Clicking on specific trails will show the status of the trail and when the condition of the trail was most recently updated by staff.


We’re experiencing a freeze-thaw cycle in the Boise Foothills. Trails in direct sunlight thaw out and get slick by mid-morning (if not earlier), while mid-elevation and shadier trails remain mostly snow covered. Thawing trails with high clay content are coated in mud and should be avoided (examples to avoid include Heroes Trail in Military Reserve and Table Rock Trail). The improved interactive map is a good way to check specific conditions on a trail-by-trail basis to plan your next outing and prevent unnecessary damage to our trail system.


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The Ridge to Rivers partnership consists of the City of Boise, Ada County, the Bureau of Land Management Four Rivers Field Office, the Boise National Forest and the Idaho Department of Fish and Game.

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