City of Boise Moving Forward with Lowell and South Pool Planning Efforts

February 9, 2024

Boise City Council members approved the $160,000 in funding for updated designs and cost estimates for both pools so planning efforts can continue.

On Tuesday, Boise City Council members will decide on $160,000 to resume planning efforts related to Lowell and South Pools, which will appear as an Interim Budget Change (IBC) request. If approved, the funds will be used to update potential designs and cost estimates for both pools. The work to complete the new cost analysis is expected to take up to four months.  

“I remain committed to opening Lowell and South Pools as soon as possible,” said Mayor Lauren McLean. “However, the cost estimates the city has on file from 2021 and 2022 are out of date and need to be updated so Boise City Council can have the important discussions necessary to determine the future of these two city pools.” 

Based on community outreach efforts, alternatives the city is studying for both Lowell and South Pools include: 

  • Bringing the pools up to code and meeting accessibility standards
  • Reimagining the pools on site with the opportunity to preserve the historic Art Deco entrances 

See more information on Lowell and South Pools planning.

Lowell Pool exterior

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