Police Downtown Station Opens

December 9, 2020

The City of Boise and the Boise Police Department are proud to announce the opening of the Downtown Station located at 2223 W. Fairview Avenue, in downtown’s West End.  The building is ideally located in a growing and evolving neighborhood with access to the downtown core, the Greenbelt and parks along the Boise River.

Renovations on the building began earlier this year and bike patrol officers are moving in this week.   For decades, the Boise Police Bike Unit has been based out of temporary locations.  Their most recent location was near Willow Lane.

“The new Downtown Station will provide officers working downtown quick access to their patrol area rather than commuting each day from City Hall West or on a bike from Willow Lane,” said Police Chief Ryan Lee. “Officers who work downtown everyday are now physically situated to continue providing tailored police services to the downtown area.”

Downtown Boise consistently has more calls for service than any other part of town.  Officers who regularly work downtown have a deep understanding of the common concerns and rely on their relationships with partners and providers to find long term solutions.

“In addition to responding to calls for service, Boise Police officers are proactive in their efforts to make downtown part of a city that is safe and healthy for everyone,” said Captain Paul Burch.  “For example, the Boise Police bike unit works daily with social service providers.  BPD’s traffic teams do regular weekend patrols at night as well as assist with special events during the day.  BPD’s Neighborhood Contact Officers also work closely with the Downtown Boise Association to address crime trends, graffiti and other quality of life concerns.”

Mayor McLean tours downtown station
Mayor McLean tours downtown station
Council members tour downtown station
Council members tour downtown station
Council Members tour downtown station
Council members tour downtown station

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