Update on investigations following June protest

July 10, 2020

Boise police have identified the subjects shown in the pictures provided in the news release on July 2, 2020. The investigations that have concluded are being routed to the prosecutor’s office for possible misdemeanor charges.

Additional reports came in earlier this week from possible victims and those reports are still under investigation.

Boise police remind those going to future protests that officers will work to stop violence of any kind, as well as property damage.  We will also work to hold those responsible for any violent act or vandalism accountable under the laws of the State of Idaho and City of Boise.  We strive to protect everyone’s right to peacefully assemble and exercise their first amendment rights. This includes working with any and all protest organizers to facilitate these rights, while remaining neutral on the various political issues. Our biggest priority is to create a safe place for all who intend to peacefully exercise their rights and we do not condone violence by any party in these demonstrations.

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