BPD responds to demonstration outside of public official's home

April 3, 2021

Boise Police were aware of a group of people who planned to gather outside of a public official’s home before going to the Ada County Courthouse. Officers coordinated with local agencies and were prepared for a potentially large crowd to show up.

Officers estimated there were about 50 people at the demonstration in front of the home in Boise. The group remained on the street and sidewalks and the demonstration concluded after about an hour. There were no significant incidents requiring police involvement. The driver of a motorhome, who was taking part in the demonstration, was parked illegally and was warned by officers before officers were forced to issue parking citations. The driver was also informed that the vehicle would be towed if they continued to park illegally and block access to emergency vehicles. The driver then moved the vehicle to a legal parking spot.

After leaving the area in front of the public official’s home, the group traveled to the Ada County Courthouse for a second demonstration. Boise Police officers continued to monitor the situation and provide support to the Ada County Sheriff’s Office. That demonstration also resolved without incident. In light of today's events and the good weather that will likely bring increased crowds to the downtown core, the Boise Police Department will have additional officers in the area this evening.

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