Scams This Week 4/14/23

April 14, 2023

It's extremely common for scammers to pose as members of Law Enforcement or another 3-letter government agency, like the FBI, IRS, etc. They use the idea of authority and your fear of getting in trouble to convince you to give them access, information, and money. Sometimes, they'll even offer you a sense of security, just to take it all away.


Secure Wallet Scam: Amazon Scams, Warrant Scams, and Computer Virus scams almost always end with the victim depositing their funds to a so-called "Secure Wallet" or secure bank account, in order to protect their funds. This could be a Cryptocurrency wallet, or bank account that is purported as safe, secure, and government-managed.   Scammers start with an "investigation of fraud," usually posing as the FBI. They use your fear of losing all of your money to actually steal all of your money.

  • Real Law enforcement and government agencies will not call and let you know you have a warrant. They will not accept or ask for money.
  • Law Enforcement and government agencies will NEVER manage a secure wallet or secure bank account.
  • Law Enforcement officers will NEVER ask victims of Identity theft to act as undercover officers or use your own funds to catch the real suspects.
  • Even if there was some kind of breach or investigation happening, a real officer, investigator, or government agent would NEVER demand that you keep quiet about it. Scammers will try and persuade you to not take extra steps to confirm an investigation.

It's important to remember that your funds are protected in your own bank account. If you are concerned with security, go to the local branch and ask for your account to be changed over or ask to make changes to the security of your account. Scammers use fear, and  urgency to get you to not think this through:

Stop: Break contact. This allows you time to breathe and start to get past the panic stage.

Question: Ask yourself, why would a government agency contact me and tell me I have a warrant? Why would they ask for payment? Isn’t that a bribe?  A government agency would not accept cryptocurrency, gift cards, or P2Ps as payment for anything.

Confirm: Call the agency that they are stating they are. Any real government agency will be just fine allowing you to confirm their employment.  Look up the agency on your own and call them. If they claim to be from the Boise Police Department you can also call non-emergency dispatch who would be able to confirm the officer or detective who supposedly called.

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