9/25/2023 Boise Police Awards Ceremony

September 25, 2023

The Boise Police Department honored several officers today for their service to our community.  Mayor Lauren McLean, Chief Ron Winegar, and the Boise Police Department Command Staff presented awards and congratulated the recipients in front of a crowd of family, friends, and co-workers.  Some of the awards presented include the Meritorious Service Award, Distinguished Unit Citation, and Lifesaving Award.

“Boise Police officers work side by side with members of our community every day, resolving problems and working to protect their safety.  I am grateful to be able to highlight some of that work. In addition to recognizing officers for their problem-solving and investigative skills, we also honored the bravery and courage shown by officers in extremely tense, life-threatening situations," said Boise Police Chief Ron Winegar.  

Chief's Commendation Officer Cameron Kolos

Chief's Commendation
Officer Cameron Kolos
Acting Field Commander (AFC) Cameron Kolos worked with the City
and multiple city partners to make improvements to the Boise City
Vehicle Noise Ordinance Codes which were approved by Boise City
Council. During his six years on the Night Bar Team, AFC Kolos witnessed
the increasing problems associated with vehicles taking part in the
weekend cruise. In 2022, the problem with modified exhausts, racing,
reckless driving causing safety concerns and other nuisance type
behavior increased and greatly affected both the quality of life for
citizens and for the Downtown Business Association. Beginning in
August of 2022, AFC Kolos attended a meeting with the Downtown
Business Association and NCO Moreno. With assistance, AFC Kolos
compiled videos and statistics to document the ongoing problems
with the weekend cruise. For several months, AFC Kolos worked directly
with Boise City Legal, the Boise City Prosecutors Office, and other Boise
Police Department Employees and redrafted language for multiple
Boise City Codes. These amendments were ratified and officially
approved by City Council in April 2023.
AFC Kolos also worked with Public Information Officer Haley Kramer to
create a video presentation that will be used at the 2023 Idaho
Department of Transportation Traffic Safety Summit. AFC Kolos also
coordinated with Haley Kramer and Haley Williams to send a press
release to various news stations to educate the public prior to the
enforcement changes. The video will also be used so other
departments around the state may create, alter, or change various
codes for their respective jurisdictions. Lastly, AFC Kolos drafted and
conducted training for both the Boise City Prosecutors Office as well
as Boise Police Department wide training for patrol staff regarding the
amended City Codes.
Over the last two years, AFC Kolos has demonstrated his heart for
service by coordinating multiple meetings, compiling statistics, videos,
and working within and outside the department to come to a solution.
This type of change does not occur without significant input,
coordination, and a passion to correct an ongoing problem; therefore,
AFC Cameron Kolos is hereby awarded a Chief's Commendation.

Meritorious Service Award
Detective Paul Jagosh
Detective Paul Jagosh has served in many influential and important roles since he started in Law Enforcement in 1997. He has served as a Field Training Officer, Special Operations Unit member, Taser instructor, Property Crimes Detective, and is currently serving as an Acting Field Commander and is part of the Violent Crimes Unit. Detective Jagosh also has served as the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) lodge president, staying active in fundraisers and events, and is a part time lobbyist on behalf of the FOP at the Idaho State level. During legislative session, Detective Jagosh uses his personal time off to meet with legislature members, staff, and other elected officials. He has been instrumental in pushing forward legislation that benefits all of Idaho Law Enforcement and ultimately Idaho citizens. Perhaps more importantly, he has played a significant role in stopping bad legislation that would be detrimental to Idaho LE, and our communities. During his time with the FOP, he has earned the respect of many elected officials and prosecutors.
Internally at BPD, Detective Jagosh was instrumental in creating a new 40-hour "Detective Basic Investigative Course" for all new CID detectives and has been heavily involved in several homicide investigations. One investigation was a 1987 cold case. Detective Jagosh worked with a forensic genetic genealogist who narrowed the suspect field to a family line. Working this case between his current caseload, he identified the suspect and solved this 35-year-old homicide case! Detective Jagosh
was also lead on a homicide where the suspect was involved in other shootings, sexual assaults, and drug cases, and was convicted at trial in January of 2023. Detective Jagosh also assisted Mountain Home Police Department on a homicide that was a couple years old. These are just some examples of Detective Jagosh's work over the last few years. His legacy will last long after his career, as evidenced in the training and laws that he helped form for the future. For Detective Paul Jagosh's efforts in his VCU investigations, developing new detective training, and FOP work that distinguishes his service to the department, law enforcement, and citizens statewide, he is hereby awarded the Meritorious Service Award.

Meritorious Service Award Detective Paul Jagosh
Meritorious Service Award Detective Mike Miraglia

Meritorious Service Award
Detective Mike Miraglia
Detective Mike Miraglia has earned a long list of accomplishments since he began his law enforcement career in 1999. He served on the FBl's Joint Terrorism Task Force for several years, on the Gang Unit where he distinguished himself as an expert in Human Trafficking, on the Crisis Negotiation Team where he diffused life-threatening situations, and on the Violent Crimes Unit, where he has helped investigate numerous Officer Involved Shootings. Over the last several years, he has also assisted the lobbying efforts of the Fraternal Order of Police. Detective Miraglia is an extremely hard worker who is always dependable and available to help his peers. He has excelled in digital evidence and has worked diligently to apply his expertise to criminal investigations. Detective Miraglia has employed his detail-oriented approach to build cases many times over the years that may not have otherwise been solved. In 2016 he investigated the Homicide of an 18-year-old college student. The case had scant evidence and no leads. Detective Miraglia ultimately discovered DNA evidence that resulted in a murder conviction. In October of 2020, Detective Miraglia led the La Quinta Homicide case, and with the assistance of Detective Jagosh and the BPD Lab, obtained both digital and forensic evidence that led to the successful prosecution of two co-conspirators. Lastly, in 2022, Detective Miraglia worked a difficult armed robbery so lacking in evidence that it that was destined to be closed as "no further leads." Detective Miraglia identified evidence that resulted in the arrest of the suspect over a year later. This case was so elaborate that a case study was created for future presentations to the BPD New Detective academy.
In his 14 years as an investigator, Detective Miraglia has perfected his craft and consistently provides prosecutors with quality investigations. Not only has his performance and service to the Boise community been exceptional, but his willingness to help fellow detectives and to share his expertise will leave a lasting impact. For these reasons, Detective Mike Miraglia is hereby awarded the Meritorious Service

Distinguished Unit Citation
Lieutenant Corey Smith, Sergeant Terry Weir, Sergeant Cory Turner, Detective Rick Durbin, Detective Brandon Joseph, Detective Ken Mossi, Detective DJ Ellis, Detective Annie Matheus, Detective Jordan Gustin, Detective Nick Peterson, Detective Vince Moreno, Detective Jack Berg, Detective Chris Zimmer, Detective Ted Ni
The Boise Police Department Special Victims Unit (SVU) has come together as a close-knit and highly functioning team after undergoing a tremendous amount of change, both in personnel and the culture within the unit. SVU detectives routinely have some of the highest and most complex caseloads within the Boise Police Department. These cases are extremely sensitive in nature and involve victims whose stories leave lasting impacts. Each case involves careful coordination between the assigned detective and a multitude of other agencies, which often further complicates solving cases in a timely manner. Despite these challenges, in the past year and a half, the hard work of these Detectives has resulted in countless convictions of offenders and over 700 years in prison sentences handed down. Additionally, they have worked diligently to solve several extremely high-profile cases and brought charges against suspects in decades-old cold cases. SVU regularly receives praise from medical and prosecutorial partners regarding the outstanding professional relationships they share. They have become experts in one of the most difficult and noble assignments in police work; to secure justice for our most innocent and vulnerable victims and to hold some of the most heinous offenders accountable for their actions. Despite the heavy toll their cases take on them and their families, these detectives come to work every day with a positive attitude and work tirelessly with a guardian spirit to best serve the citizens of Boise. Throughout it all, SVU has been guided by a highly committed and proficient leadership team which has also worked tirelessly to ensure the highest levels of professionalism, service, and accountability exist within the unit. Due to their combined efforts in serving our community with commitment, hearts of service, and dedication, the Special Victims Unit is awarded the Distinguished Unit Citation.

Distinguished Unit Citation Lieutenant Corey Smith, Sergeant Terry Weir, Sergeant Cory Turner, Detective Rick Durbin, Detective Brandon Joseph, Detective Ken Mossi, Detective DJ Ellis, Detective Annie Matheus, Detective Jordan Gustin, Detective Nick Peterson, Detective Vince Moreno, Detective Jack Berg, Detective Chris Zimmer, Detective Ted Ni
Lifesaving Award Officer Anthony Coils

Lifesaving Award
Officer Anthony Coils and Officer Michael Sealock
On May 28, 2023 Officer Michael Sealock and Officer Anthony Coils were dispatched to a welfare check. The reporting party claimed that her ex-boyfriend was threatening to harm himself and she was very concerned for his wellbeing. Officer Sealock and Officer Coils responded and arrived at the location a short time later. After checking the subject's room on the third level and not finding him, officers headed back down to the lobby. While waiting at the elevator near the stairwell, they heard a strange sound that caused them to deviate to the stairs. Immediately upon entering the stairwell, officers found the subject hanging by a belt that was tied to the metal railing. The subject was unconscious and on the verge of death when officers contacted him. Both officers quickly reached over the railing to grab the subject's upper body to relieve the pressure from around his neck, and they attempted to pull him over the railing but were unable to. The belt around the subject's neck was cinched so tight that lifting him was not relieving the pressure. Adapting to the situation, Officer Sealock continued to hold the subject, while Officer Coils cut the belt. After the belt was cut, they continued working as a team to get the subject on the ground. They rendered aid and requested EMS for emergency assistance. Ultimately, the subject was transported to the hospital, where he thanked officers for what they did to help him. For their efforts in saving the life of the subject with immediate action and rendering lifesaving first aid, Officer Anthony Coils and Officer Michael Sealock are awarded the Lifesaving Award.

Police Bronze Star and Lifesaving Award Officer Desmond Hooks
Police Bronze Star and Lifesaving Award Officer Desmond Hooks

Police Bronze Star and Lifesaving Award
Officer Desmond Hooks
On October 2, 2021, dispatch received a call for a violation of a No Contact Order in a wooded area along the Boise River. The call quickly escalated when the suspect grabbed the caller and began strangling her while she was on the phone with dispatch. Dispatch could hear the suspect saying, "You are going to die before they get here!" Officer Hooks arrived on scene alone without backup, and knowing the urgency of the call, entered the wooded area to locate the victim. As he was coming down the hill with his firearm drawn, Officer Hooks saw the struggle occurring and began giving commands. When Officer Hooks closed the distance, he could see the suspect's hand around the victim's neck and her face changing colors from red to purple. Officer Hooks took into account the close proximity of the victim, the area, and the debris, and quickly weighed his options. The suspect was on top of the victim, and he could not guarantee a clear shot at the suspect. A taser would also likely not be effective because of the branches and trees in the way. Officer Hooks went toward the suspect, putting himself in extreme danger, and grabbed the suspect, pulling him backwards off the victim and on top of himself, allowing the victim to escape. Once the suspect's hands were off the victim's neck, Officer Hooks was able to secure the suspect in handcuffs. A knife was also lying nearby, so Officer Hooks moved the suspect away from the weapon. Due to Officer Desmond Hooks placing himself in harm's way by confronting and arresting the suspect alone with no backup, he is hereby awarded the Police Bronze Star and the Lifesaving Award.

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