Family of missing woman, Krystyn Dunlap, plans search

September 14, 2023

The family of Krystyn Dunlap is hosting a public search in the desert south of Boise for evidence related to Krystyn’s disappearance almost 29 years ago. In recent years, new information led Boise Police Department cold case detectives to initiate two extensive searches near Pleasant Valley Road in 2022. Detectives along with many partner agencies and other experts conducted a meticulous search in April and June of 2022 but have not yet uncovered any human remains. Photos from the searches in 2022 are included below.

Coming up on September 23, 2023, Krystyn’s family is planning to search additional areas near Pleasant Valley Road. Although there is no new information that would lead the Boise Police Department to conduct further searches at this time, we understand and support Krystyn’s family in their efforts to continue searching for her.

*Media advisory: Media interested in attending or requesting interviews is asked to contact the BPD Media Line for further details.

In partnership with Krystyn’s family, BPD wants to remind the community about her disappearance.  Krystyn’s disappearance remains an open investigation and Boise Police Detectives will continue to follow up on any new leads or information. Anyone with information about her disappearance is encouraged to contact Boise Police Detectives so that we can bring justice to Krystyn and her family.

“Krystyn’s case remains as a painful memory in our community, and our investigation is still open.  Over many years, BPD investigators have spent countless hours chasing down each and every viable lead in the pursuit of justice for Krystyn and her family.  We urge anyone with information about what may have happened to her to contact Boise Police,” said Boise Police Captain Matt Jones.

Previously released information:

On October 16th, 1994, Krystyn Dunlap’s mother reported her daughter had runaway and was missing. In the days and weeks that followed, there were reports from a few of Krystyn’s friends or acquaintances indicating they were in contact with Krystyn but she was never officially located by her family or police.  Krystyn was born in January of 1977 and was 17-years-old when she went missing.  At the time, officers attempted to find her and she was listed in the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) Missing and Unidentified Persons System as a runaway.

In 1998, her status was changed from a runaway to a missing person, as she would have been legal “adult” age.  Meanwhile, the investigation into Krystyn’s whereabouts had gone cold.

In 2011, Krystyn’s family still had no contact with her. BPD Violent Crime detectives looked at the case and conducted a “cold case” investigation to see if there were overlooked leads or new leads in Krystyn’s location.  Many people were reinterviewed, and missing person databases were searched again.  BPD exhausted all investigative leads.  The case again became inactive but still open.

In the summer of 2021, BPD detectives again met with Krysten’s mother Kim to see what could be done further on this case.  Kim, her family, and BPD, have unfortunately come to the conclusion that Krysten is likely no longer a runaway, or missing person, and that Krystyn is likely deceased.

Details from the investigation lead current Boise Police detectives to believe foul play was likely involved in her disappearance.  Although she was officially reported missing by Kim in Oct. of 1994, BPD had conflicting reports from friends, acquaintances, and people she was living with, saying they contact with Krystyn as late as mid-December of 1994.

Boise Police strongly believe someone knows what happened to Krystyn.  We urge those people to come forward to police and contact Crime Stoppers: Leave a web tip at 343COPS.Com, use the P3! app, or call 208-343-COPS(2677). You can remain anonymous and you can earn a reward of up to $1000.00 if your tip leads to a felony arrest!

Search line with investigators and dog
Location of search
Forensic investigator and detectives
Investigators searching ground
Investigators walking line to search
Search dogs with handlers
Search efforts

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