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The Labs are free, peer-to-peer trainings on Innovation and Performance skills available for all City of Boise employees. 

1,500 Hours of Training

In 2023, Learning Labs provided nearly 1,500 person-hours of training!  

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If you are a City of Boise employee and would like to participate in or teach a future Learning Lab use the form below. 

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Learning Lab Options

  • Intermediate ArcGIS Online  A follow-up to the Introduction course to further your ArcGIS online skills. 
  • Introduction to SQL  Learn the basics of SQL, a programming language designed for managing and manipulating data. 
  • Intermediate SQL – A follow-up to the Intro course 
  • Introduction to Human-Centered Design – A creative approach to problem-solving and service design that focuses on the needs of users and emphasizes iterative testing. 
  • Introduction to Process Improvement  A collaborative, systematic approach to enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of a process with the goal of better serving our customers. 
  • Introduction to Behavioral Sciences – Learn how to use the EAST Framework to make it easier for people to change their behaviors in a positive way.  
  • Introduction to Power BI - Four-hour course for new users that teaches participants how to connect to data, build basic dashboards, and share them with colleagues. 
  • Intermediate Power BI - Four-hour course that teaches how to model and transform your data, write basic DAX code, and use more advanced dashboard features. You should have taken the Intro course or have experience with Power BI before signing up for this training. 
  • Introduction to ArcGIS Online (link course materials) – Four-hour course that covers the basics of using ArcGIS Online including building and sharing maps, sharing them with other staff, and using other ArcGIS modules. 
  • Introduction to Generative AI – Learn how to responsibly use Generative AI tools like ChatGPT and Dall-E in government. 

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