Modern Zoning Code Evaluation

Modern Zoning Code Evaluation


We are taking a Build-Measure-Learn approach to policymaking by evaluating the performance of the Modern Zoning Code to understand what works and make improvements where needed.

The Need

The Modern Zoning Code, which went into effect in December of 2023, was the result of a three-year effort to update the city’s half-a-century old laws that determine what can get built where in Boise. The new code has the potential to impact our community’s affordability, mobility, sustainability and much more. Given its importance, the city and our community need good information about how it is performing. 

Red house with green grass in front.

The Solution

We interviewed housing experts and worked with city staff to understand the key outcomes of the Modern Zoning Code and ensure the data needed to measure those outcomes is being formally tracked in the city’s permitting system. In 2024, we will create a Modern Zoning Code public dashboard so that residents can transparently view evaluation data. We will also lead efforts to create a statistical “control group” so we can better understand the impacts of the policy change. 

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