Language Access Resources

The City of Boise's commitment to Language Access for Everyone

The City of Boise has a longstanding commitment to embracing cultural diversity and ensuring inclusive engagement so that every voice in our community has the opportunity to be heard. As our community continues to grow, the City of Boise recognizes the importance of a robust language access program for supporting the integration of new residents into our community.

Below you can find the City of Boise Language Access Plan, Interpretation/Translation Services Request form, and Title VI Complaint form.


Contact Danny Galvez
Language Access Program Manager
Office of Community Engagement
208-972-8498 |

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Contacte a Danny Galvez
Gerente del Programa de Acceso al Lenguaje
Oficina de Compromiso Comunitario
208-972-8498 |

Disclaimer: In order to comply with Title VI, the city of Boise takes reasonable actions for competent language assistance. Executive Order 13166 clarifies requirements for people of all languages. The Executive Order requires the city to examine the services it provides and develop and implement a system by which all residents can have access to services in their preferred language.

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