Special Event Permitting

Applicants are responsible for obtaining all supplemental permits, authorizations and/or exemptions required by other agencies with jurisdiction for any element of the event (e.g. Alcohol Beverage Catering Permits, Health Permits, Road Closure Permits, Medical, Safety and Emergency Plans, Police Agreements, Fire Permits, etc.).

Special Event Permitting + Process Overview

Step 1

Determine if your event meets the criteria for a Clerk's Office Planned Special Event Permit, per the FAQs or by emailing us to learn more. If yes, proceed to Steps 2-4. If no, continue to work with agency representatives only to obtain supplemental permits that may be necessary for your smaller event.

Step 2

Download the Special Events Permit Application, fill out the Planning Checklist (page 5). For items marked "yes" contact the corresponding agency representative(s). They will assist you in determining and obtaining the supplemental permits, forms, fees, licenses, etc. that are required for activities related to their jurisdiction.

Step 3

Complete the Special Event Permit Application and attach supplemental permits, authorizations, and/or exemptions, site plans and route maps, etc. to compile a substantially complete packet.

Step 4

Submit the complete packet with payment at least 45 days prior to the event start date, per the application instructions (page 6).

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