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How to Participate

Use Zoom if you are an applicant, neighborhood association member or member of the public wishing to testify.

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Upcoming Virtual Public Meetings

Hybrid Meetings: Meetings will be held in a “hybrid” format allowing both virtual and in-person attendance:

  • Attend Virtually
    All applicants, neighbors and residents are strongly encouraged to attend virtually using Zoom.
  • Attend at City Hall
    There will be limited availability for 35-40 people to attend in City Hall in order to comply with social distancing rules so as to accommodate residents without access to technology.

Historic Preservation Commission

Monday, September 28, 2020

Hybrid Meeting

Work Session AgendaMeeting AgendaSign up to TestifyTestify Virtually (Zoom)Watch Live (YouTube)

City Council

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Hybrid Meeting

Work Session AgendaWatch Live (YouTube)Meeting AgendaSign up to TestifyTestify Virtually (Zoom)Watch Live (YouTube)

Planning and Zoning Commission

Monday, October 5, 2020

Hybrid Meeting

Work Session AgendaMeeting AgendaSign up to TestifyTestify Virtually (Zoom)Watch Live (YouTube)

City Council

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Hybrid Meeting

Work Session AgendaWatch Live (YouTube)Meeting AgendaSign up to TestifyTestify Virtually (Zoom)Watch Live (YouTube)

How to Participate

Before the Public Hearing

  • Written testimony is strongly encouraged, and can be submitted in advance of any public hearing if received on Thursday prior to the hearing by 5:00 p.m. This will ensure your testimony is included into the agenda packet.
  • Written testimony can be submitted to the following email addresses for each hearing review board:
  • Questions regarding land use items within the Planning & Development Services department can be directed to the assigned planner (listed on PDSOnline) or by calling (208) 608-7100.
  • Register in advance of the hearing by clicking on “Testify Virtually (Zoom)” to obtain the quick link to access the weblink and/or the phone number to attend the hearing.

Preparing for the Public Hearing

  • Virtual and hybrid hearings are hosted through Zoom. Prior to the hearing, download the meeting software. Go to to learn more.

Virtual Meetings

  • Virtual attendance is strongly encouraged, as City Hall will be limited to 40+ people with city social distancing rules in effect.
  • Those that wish to testify are encouraged to test their settings using the Zoom Meeting Test. This is available at
  • You can participate in various formats on different devices. Zoom works best on a computer if you wish to share slides. If your computer doesn’t have audio capabilities, you can call in to participate by voice as well. Smart phones are similar but you cannot share your screen. If you wish to participate via telephone, click on the Zoom link above and register for the hearing. An email will be sent with instructions on how to dial in.

Hybrid Meetings

  • Those wishing to testify in person must wear masks at all times, except when delivering public testimony at the podium when called upon. Masks and cleaning wipes will be available upon request.

Meeting Information

  • If you wish to speak on an item, sign-up in advance to make for a more seamless virtual meeting. These sign-up sheets will close at noon the day of the hearing. If you wish to speak but the sign-up sheet has closed, any member of the public will still be allowed to speak after everyone on the sign-up list has spoken. For each hearing item, in person testimony will be heard before online testimony.
  • All hearings start promptly at 6:00 p.m. Use the links above to attend a meeting you wish to attend/participate. It is recommended that you have the Zoom meeting portal up and ready before the meeting begins.

During the Public Hearing

  • Please be patient, as this is a new process for all of us.
  • Please be respectful of others and in the delivery of your testimony. We reserve the right to silence or remove any participant who is not respectful during public testimony.
  • If presenting in person, please take off your mask when you reach the podium and before presenting testimony. This will ensure your presentation is more accessible and audible to all in attendance online and in person. Cleaning wipes will also be available at the podium for you to clean the podium after you speak.
  • All public hearings are moderated by an emcee who will allow participants (called “Attendees” in Zoom) to speak in an orderly fashion similar to the typical public hearing procedures.
    • If you are an applicant, neighborhood association leader, or listed on the sign-up sheet, you will be recognized and prompted to speak for the allotted time.
    • After everyone on the sign-up sheet has spoken, other attendees can “Raise their Hand” in the Zoom platform to signify that they wish to speak on the item as well. If you are calling in, to raise your hand dial *9.
    • Except for applicants and neighborhood association leaders, everyone has up to 3 minutes to speak.
  • If you experience technical difficulties, please contact the Zoom Help Center.

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