Ignite Bootcamp

Boise Fire Invites Young Men and Women to Ignite Bootcamp

Ignite Bootcamp is back and applications for the adult women’s, young women’s and young men’s sessions are open. Participants will join career firefighters at the Boise Fire Training Center, gaining real experience through hands-on learning. The program is designed to give those interested in a fire service career the opportunity to explore the experience of being a firefighter while learning to climb ladders, CPR, and extrication, to name a few.

“We are grateful to be expanding Ignite to reach both men and women this year,” said Boise Firefighter Kasey Hochmuht. “Last year it was great to watch participants not only pull hose, climb ladders, and force entry, but they also realized that this is a job they can do and have a meaningful career as a result.”

Registration is open and free for teens and adults. There are limited spots available in the three opportunities listed below.

This year Boise Fire, along with partnering agencies, will be hosting three bootcamps:

June 8 and 9 – Adult Women’s Bootcamp (18+)

July 13 – Young Women’s Bootcamp (ages 14-17)

July 14 – Young Men’s Bootcamp (ages 14-17)

Registration opens for Youth Men and Women on May 1.

If you have any additional questions, please email BFDIgniteBootcamp@cityofboise.org

Ignite Bootcamp training

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