Parks and Recreation LEP Assessment and Plan

As part of the City of Boise’s Limited English Proficiency Assessments (LEP), the Department of Parks and Recreation (Parks) has developed the following plan to provide meaningful access to its services for LEP populations. The plan will be updated biennially.

Four Factor Analysis

  1. The number or proportion of LEP persons served or encountered in the eligible service population. The number or proportion of LEP persons encountered is the same as that in the general population of the City of Boise.
  2. The frequency with which LEP individuals come in contact with the program. Parks primarily has contact with LEP individuals through Parks’ various activities, ranging from summer camps to figure skating. Approximately sixteen (16) employees of Parks have encountered LEP individuals in the past year. Of those employees who have had interactions with LEP individuals, two of the employees indicate that they receive 1-4 contacts per month from LEP individuals via telephone. Thirteen Parks’ employees indicate that they have between 1 and 2 contacts per month with LEP individuals, and one employee, who runs a summer camp for refugee children, has numerous daily and weekly contacts. Parks also operates a teen night, and there are approximately 12 LEP youth involved in the program. In addition, Parks works with the Idaho Office of Refugees and helps arrange transportation to and from special events for LEP families. Last year Parks had 7 requests for documents to be translated. The requests were overwhelming for information on scholarships to Parks’ programs.
  3. The nature and importance of the program, activity or service provided by the recipient to people’s lives. Many of Parks’ programs are important to LEP individuals, as several of Parks’ activities specifically focus on LEP youth and their integration into Boise. The ability to continue to improve these services to the LEP community is important to Parks’ staff.
  4. The resources available to the recipient and the costs. Parks has “I Speak” language cards available at the front desk and at will provide them at each of its facilities (golf courses, IceWorld, etc.). In addition, Parks’ employees speak Spanish, French, German and Chamorro. When staff are unable to effectively communicate with an LEP individual they will access the Language Line interpretation service.

Department Plan

Identifying Individuals Who Need Assistance

Parks annually surveys its staff for instances of direct or indirect contact with LEP individuals. Parks also works closely with the Idaho Office for Refugees to better help LEP refugees integrate into the community and understand all of the services that the City of Boise offers. Parks also has “I Speak” language cards available at its front counter and at its facilities.

Language Assistance Measures

Parks will continue to offer “I Speak” cards at its front counter and facilities. Google Translate has been installed on its website and staff may access Google Translate on their computers. Staff members speak Spanish, French, German and Chamorro. Public documents issued by Parks will contain a statement that language assistance is available upon request.

Training Staff

In addition to the training provided by the city, Parks will ensure that its staff understands its Title VI LEP responsibilities. Staff will also receive specific training on what language assistance services the City of Boise offers and specific procedures to be followed when encountering LEP persons.

Providing Notice to LEP Persons

Parks will continue to locate “I Speak” cards at the front counter, and to provide a notice on written public materials that language assistance is available upon request. Parks will continue to work closely with the Idaho Office for Refugees to ensure that services are available to LEP individuals and to better understand the needs of Boise’s LEP/refugee community and how to best fulfill those needs.

Monitoring and Updating the LEP Plan

Parks will monitor and update this plan on a regular basis, but not less than annually. At minimum, Parks will examine how many LEP persons were encountered and determine if their needs were met. Parks will also continue to review its documents to determine if any of them should be translated into other languages and to determine if more program specific outreach should be undertaken. It will also look at any complaints received and learn how to better serve the LEP population through those complaints.

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