Peasley Street Connection Improvement Project

Peasley Connection Concept

The Peasley Street connection to Ann Morrison Park is an improvement project submitted by the Harry W. Morrison Foundation to the City of Boise. The stairway will enhance bicycle and pedestrian access to Ann Morrison Park from the Boise Bench, improving access for more than 850 households. The improvement project aligns with the City of Boise’s goal of ensuring everyone has access to a park within a 10-minute walk of their home. 

Project Approval 

The Open Space and Clean Water Advisory Committee recommended the project to Boise City Council in February of this year. At the April 11 work session meeting, council approved levy funding for the project in the amount of $850,000. The improvement project satisfies conservation criteria of critical open space, trails and pathways, and community partnerships.   

Design Details 

The 94-step staircase will be made of flat steel grate and will include a runnel (a grooved bicycle tire track) so that users can easily walk their bike up and down.  

Additional accessibility elements will include visual indicators and textured surfaces. 

Next Steps 

Boise Parks and Recreation is working to finalize permits and bid documents. The goal is for construction to start this summer. The project could take up to a year to complete. 


Please contact us or call (208)608-7600, option 5. 

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