Greenbelt Flooding 2023

Dangerous River Condition Warning is in Effect!

At this time, Boise Fire recommends that you do not recreate in the river, as these conditions can be life threatening. Keep pets leashed near the river as they may chase other animals/wildlife into the swift water and be swept away rapidly. Current river flows are right around 6,000 cubic feet per second (cfs) making river conditions extremely dangerous for people and pets. This posting will remain in effect until further notice.

The following hazards warrant the “Dangerous River Condition":

Swift water that can carry people and pets away rapidly.

  • Cold water that can cause even the best swimmer to be incapable of swimming due to loss of motor control/muscle control.
  • Debris in the river can injure people and contributes to extreme risk.
  • High water levels create reduced clearance when going under bridges.
  • Soft and unstable river banks.
  • If flooding takes place it can make access to river more dangerous, if not impossible.

East Parkcenter Bridge/Marianne Williams Park Area

Approximately .7 miles of Greenbelt path is flooded and covered with water along the north side of the East Parkcenter Bridge near the Golda Harris Nature Preserve and Marianne Williams Park. The water is knee-high in places and should not be entered for safety reasons. A detour is in place that routes some users up and over the East Parkcenter Bridge to the south side of the Greenbelt.

Map of Closure & Detour

West Parkcenter Bridge Area

The Boise River has flooded the Greenbelt on the under the West Parkcenter Bridge. The closure is about .25 mile long and a detour is in place from Beacon St. to Leadville Ave. Please use the crosswalk to cross Parkcenter Blvd.

Map of Closure & Detour

Bethine Church River Trail

A portion of the Bethine Church River Trail, a 1.6-mile unpaved stretch of the Boise River Greenbelt, is now closed due to flooding. The nature trail located on the south side of the river along Parkcenter Boulevard is experiencing some pools of water covering the pathway, creating muddy and hazardous conditions. The closure is in effect from mile marker 3.0 to 3.5. Signs have been placed along the closed section, and a detour is in place through River Run Drive starting at mile marker 2.6. Thank you for staying out of all closed areas while the closure is in place.

Map of Closure & Detour

Dallas Harris Memorial Path

A portion of the pedestrian only path in Marianne Williams Park is now closed due to flooding. Approximately 0.37 miles is impacted.

Users who are travelling west can detour onto the main greenbelt where the closure begins.

Map of closure & detour

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