Working Together

The City of Trees Challenge is first and foremost a community initiative. We cannot accomplish our goals without people and organizations across the city taking action to plant, grow and maintain healthy trees. To help achieve a meaningful and impactful Challenge our partners within the city and across the country are vital to our success.

Lead Partners

The Treasure Valley Canopy Network is a key partner, helping the City develop goals and resources to plan for, plant and maintain these trees over the next decade so they survive and thrive to have a positive impact on our local climate. The Network is also building relationships with local and national partners to grow a Challenge that will have strong roots in Boise and branch out across Idaho and the country:

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The Nature Conservancy in Idaho is proud to be a lead partner in the City of Trees Challenge in the effort to plant 235,000 seedlings in forests around Idaho. Tree planting is one of the identified activities to address climate change through Natural Climate Solutions. By working with both urban and rural partners, we believe this effort will connect all Idahoans, because Idaho’s changing climate is impacting the places we love, our lifestyles and the health of our communities. The time to act is now, and the way forward is together.

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The City of Boise is partnering with Boise Farmers Market and Boise Neighborhood Associations to distribute 500 free trees to homeowners in October 2020. These valued partners will help ensure trees are distributed across the city in a safe and healthy manner to help address areas of greatest need (including: low tree canopy, equity and areas of high urban heat).

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Energize our neighborhood

The City of Boise is proud to be one of the first cities in the United States to pledge the US Chapter, joining this global trillion trees platform with our commitment to plant 100,000 trees in the city and sponsor an additional 235,000 seedlings to be planted in Idaho forests. The City of Boise is also proud to be one of the first cities to pledge the U.S. Chapter, joining this global trillion trees platform with a commitment to sponsor an additional 235,000 seedlings to be planted in forests around Idaho.


The City of Boise is recognized as a Tree City of the World by the Arbor Day Foundation and Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). This international recognition celebrates cities across the globe that meet core standards for the planning and care of urban trees and forests.


The City of Boise is pursuing Impact Certification for the City of Trees Challenge through City Forest Credits. Impact Certification will provide standardized project reporting with science-based metrics and scores for social equity, human health and environmental impacts (carbon, air and water quality, energy conservation).

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Green Industry Partners

Help support local nurseries, landscapers and tree care companies as you beautify your landscape and plant more trees across the Treasure Valley!


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