Residential Electrical (424)

Homeowner's Electrical Permits

The Homeowner’s Electrical Permit may only be issued to homeowners performing basic electrical work without assistance from others. They must be listed as the homeowner of record on the deed, and live in the home in order to perform the work.

  • Since incorrect/faulty wiring is the cause of many residential fires, it is important that homeowners planning to do their own electrical work have a basic knowledge of residential wiring principles.
  • The city will inspect all of the homeowner’s work to ensure it complies with the current National Electrical Code and all applicable City Codes and Ordinances.
  • If a large number of corrections need to be issued, the electrical supervisor may be called in to determine if the homeowner has the knowledge needed to complete the wiring.
  • PDS may void the permit if it becomes clear the homeowner does not have the knowledge to complete the installation. Refunds are not available. The homeowner will be required to hire an electrical contractor to finish the job and pay a new permit fee.

Electrical Inspections

Homeowners are entitled to four inspections:

1. Preliminary Conference (Mandatory)

  • This mandatory inspection can help troubleshoot problems before you begin. Request prior to beginning work.

2. Rough-In / Permanent Service (Mandatory)

  • Rough-in inspection: All conductors will be stripped and made up in boxes (outlets or switches should not be installed yet).
  • Permanent Service: All conductors should be stripped and installed in the appropriate buss bars and if the mast goes through the roof, a 2” ridged or IMC conduit is required with u-bolt or guy kit.
  • Underground work (raceway/wiring) may require an additional inspection, which will be provided at no charge.

3. Final Inspection (Mandatory)

  • For the final inspection, all electrical equipment (i.e. switches, outlets and lights) should be installed, energized and in working order.
  • Remove all obstructions in front of electrical equipment (i.e. furniture, boxes, etc.) so the inspector can access equipment and perform the inspection.

4. Correction Inspection (Inspector Determines)

  • Correction inspections are used as needed to ensure items identified on a correction notice are addressed.

Schedule an Electrical Inspection

Call (208) 608-7070 to schedule an inspection. Contact your electrical inspector If you have questions about your specific project.

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