Building Code Updates

Proposed Building Code Updates

The City of Boise is proposing updates to city building codes to be adopted by January 1, 2021. A stakeholder letter and draft ordinances can be viewed below:

Updates Summary

A summary of updates to the draft ordinances include:

  • General clean-up language and formatting to ensure consistency across the
  • Separating current Building Code ordinance into two ordinances:
    • Building Code (for Commercial/Multi-Family)
    • One-And-Two-Family Dwelling Building Code (for One-And-Two-Family Dwellings)
  • Amendments of administrative provisions such as:
    • Code Adopted (2018 editions)
    • Existing Structures, updated language
    • Updated references to adopted fee schedules
    • Updates to the City Building Code Board of Appeals sections for
      consistency in duties and procedures
  • New state amendments added, former state amendments struck
  • Updated Flood Hazard Maps referenced; Flood Hazard regulations of the Boise Development Code cross referenced
  • Manual J Design Criteria added in One-And-Two-Family Dwelling Building Code
  • Duplicated energy provisions in the One-And-Two-Family Dwelling Building Code struck per State Statute Change (provisions reside in Energy Conservation Code)

The City of Boise Building Code Board of Appeals has reviewed the proposed updated ordinances, recommending approval to City Council.

A copy of the draft ordinances with amendments are included. Members of your organization are encouraged to review and/or comment on the proposed ordinances.

Questions or Comments

Available communication options for any questions or comments include:

  • Contact Jason Blais, Building Official, at (208) 608-7097 or through email at
  • Written correspondence can also be mailed in addressed to Jason Blais, Building Official, Planning & Development Services, City of Boise, P.O. Box 500, Boise, ID, 83701.

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