Building Code Updates

Proposed Code Updates

The City of Boise is proposing to repeal and replace the following City Code: Title 9, Chapter 12, Moving, Deconstruction or Demolition of Buildings

A summary of updates to the draft ordinance includes:

  • General clean-up and formatting updates for consistency with other adopted codes.
  • Additions or updates to provisions as follows:
    • Added a Definitions section
    • Added a Code Official section
    • Added Planning Division Review/Approval language
    • Updated language regarding bonds
    • Updated language for Planning Division approval for storage of moved buildings
    • Added language for Special Permits under the Deconstruction or Demolition section
    • Added provision for recycle/reuse of some materials, with exceptions
    • Added provision for a Material and Waste Management Plan
    • Updated the Appeal section
    • Updated the Penalties section

The City of Boise Building Code Board of Appeals has reviewed the proposed updated ordinance, recommending approval to City Council.

A copy of the draft ordinance and Material and Waste Management Plan are included. Members of your organization are encouraged to review and/or comment on the proposed ordinances.

Questions or Comments

Available communication options for any questions or comments include:

  • Contact Jason Blais, Building Official, at (208) 608-7097 or through email at
  • Written correspondence can also be mailed in addressed to Jason Blais, Building Official, Planning & Development Services, City of Boise, P.O. Box 500, Boise, ID, 83701.

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