Administrative Review

Applications that are less complex, such as small sheds or temporary uses, or applications that follow all design and use standards of the zoning code, will be reviewed under the administrative review process rather than proceeding to one of the city’s public hearing bodies, like the Planning and Zoning Commission, for decision. This is intended to help speed up the process for applicants and allow the appointed city decision-making bodies to focus their attention on the more complex applications that require their expertise.

What to Expect

Some administrative applications that are very simple, such as a temporary use permit, may be evaluated in a day or two. There are also projects, such as an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU), that have more standards to meet and will require more review time. Additionally, there are some projects that may be processed administratively, such as those that meet all use, form and design standards, that still may require review by other agencies in an Interdepartmental Review meeting before a decision is made (which will be determined by the Planning Director prior to applications being submitted).

Administrative Decisions

Following application submittal, pre-screen process, and payment of any required fees, a planner will be assigned to conduct an in-depth review of the project. When the review is complete a decision will be issued with one of the following results:

  • Approved - the applicant can proceed with development
  • Approved with conditions - the applicant can proceed with development with determined alterations to their plans
  • Denied - the applicant may not proceed with development; they may appeal the decision or adjust the project and reapply.

The Planning Team will contact the applicant with the decision.

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